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Christianity 2006-07-17
A serries of questions based on your beliefs
Leaving the Church (For Catholics) 2006-07-14
Babies (For Christians) 2006-07-13
Where would it go?
Was Jesus Gay? 2006-07-11
Just testing out a new theory of mine. Much publicity in recent months has been given to the poss...
Cheaters? 2006-07-11
Remarriage After Divorce 2006-07-10
What kind of sin is it?
B.P.M. In GOD we trust..........or not? 2006-07-06
This poll has a few questions about religion, what you should expect, and how much do you really ...
The Answer To Your Every Question 2006-07-06
I am going to ask you some questions...tell me what you think...
Christians only! Bible! 2006-07-06
I go to a christian school and have always gone to church. I've never read the entire bible. I ju...
God/Aliens/Spirits/Satan/ Demons/Angels Poll 2006-07-05
Vote in what you believe :D
Religion and politics in the United States 2006-07-05
I'm curious about our conceptions about religion and politics in the US. Please answer these que...
Body Piercing (For Christians and Un Pierced People) 2006-07-01
What do you think?
Is It The End of Times? Anti-Christ? 2006-06-24
Chapter 16 in the book of Revelation makes mention to the Euphrates River which runs directly thr...
Beliefs About Stuff 2006-06-21
Hey, this is just a poll to see what you believe and stuff
Creationism Poll 2006-06-19
Poll on creationism, age of the earth
Prejudice against satanists (every one) 2006-06-19
This is another poll to help with my project for R.M.P.S. if you are not a Satanist please only a...
How religious are you? 2006-06-13
Hey, this is just a poll to see how many poeple are religious and what kind, please answer honest...
Religion, Fashion, and Modesty (Christian Girls Only) 2006-06-13
I want to find out the types of fashions that Christian ladies prescribe to these days. Christi...
Denomination Match 2006-06-12
What denomination are you???
NonChristians (For Christians Only) 2006-06-10
What happens to them?
Bisexuality 2006-06-09
Satanism your veiws (non-satanists) 2006-06-08
This is my poll to find out what non-satanists think of satanism for a report I am doing in R.E. ...
Which was Jesus - God or the Son of God? 2006-06-08
I have heard Christians disagree about whether Jesus was Himself God, or was the Son of God. Sure...
Are you a stand up christian or a door mat christian? 2006-06-07
Do you stand up for what you believe in and with boldness when need to or do you lie down like a ...
Cotholicism 2006-06-05
Let's see if many Catholics and none catholics alike agree on certein issues. Like teachings, Mor...