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war and religion 2007-12-31 (closed)
was there religious war before Christians and Moslams
Christmas - a Christian festival, or a pagan one? 2007-12-30
I am writing this as another Christmas is almost upon us. Most people would see it as a Christian...
God created Man vs. Man created God 2007-12-27
Did God creat man(Humandkind) in his (Her or it's ) image or did man (People) creat God in their ...
Is there REALLY a war against Christianity? 2007-12-27 (closed)
Some say that there is a war against Christianity in America and that they are being persecuted. ...
Forgiveness 2007-12-18 (closed)
How many people have you chosen NOT to forgive in your life?
could juggalo be considered a religion? 2007-12-16
could juggalo be considered a religion?I think so,but I need an opinion.(if you're a hater, then ...
Flying Spaghetti Monster VS intellegent design 2007-12-11
If intellegent design is taught in schools then should the Flying Spaghetti Monster be taught as...
Is Israel still God's favourite country? 2007-12-07
Israel is mentioned over 30,000 times in the Holy Bible. A few other countries get a mention, suc...
Pick Your Favorite Name 2007-12-07 (closed)
A poll to enable readers to choose their favorite Bob Hyatt insult.
Conversion to Atheism from other religions 2007-12-03
A poll to try and find a link between conversion to and from atheism and other spiritualities fro...
All 66 Books 2007-12-03
The most published, quoted and arguable influential book in the history of the world is made up o...
Do you believe in god? 2007-11-27
What is your belief?
Liberal Christianity 2007-11-13
Hi! I'm a liberal christian and was just wondering what others thought of liberal christianity.
Heaven. Various questions on the subject. 2007-11-13
What are your opinions about heaven? Is it real? Is it perfect? Does God live there? Answer caref...
How Faithfull are you to teachings of the Bible? 2007-11-13
How Faithfull are you to teachings of the Bible?
What does your religion mean to you 2007-11-08
Exactly as the title says. This is not about judgement, I am just interested in what other people...
Did Jesus Exist? 2007-10-26
There is no historical evidence of Jesus' existence. Do you believe Jesus existed, or was he just...
Marriage vs. Dating 2007-10-26
I am writing an expose on views that americans have on marriage. The fears we have on dating and ...
Atheists- what are the characteristics of God? 2007-10-18
I would like to get a feel for what atheists think of when someone talks about God.
How do you like gospel music? 2007-10-15
Gospel Music
General Religion Poll 2007-10-07
No specific religion is targeted.
Are you Going to Heaven when you die? 2007-10-02
Read the Below Bible verses and fill in the blanks!<b> <br> <br> <b>&l...
Do you know your Christian theology? 2007-10-02
Throughout the world (especially in America, I find), people are illiterate. They believe in thin...
Atheists- What are the characteristics of God? 2007-09-30
I'd like to get a feel for what Atheists reject in their non-belief.
Believers- What are the characteristics of God? 2007-09-30
I want to get a feel for what believers think of their belief.