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Saints, Mary and you (for Catholics only) 2008-08-04
I want to see what the actual beliefs of Catholics are regarding prayer and the intercession of t...
What do you believe in? 2008-08-04 (closed)
Do you believe in aliens? Who created the piramids, the crop circles? Are you superstitious? Do y...
Do you consider America a Christian nation? 2008-07-30 (closed)
America was once known as a "Christian" nation; can it still be known as that?
Jesus's Religious Affiliation 2008-07-26
Jesus's Religious Affiliation
Kingdom Poll: Defending the Faith 2008-07-19
Each week, we'll present you with a new quick poll on your views on classic Christian and Kingdom...
GREECE poll 2008-07-08
If you're a Greek, take this poll, if not, take it anyway!
Do you believe in God 2008-07-08
What has God done for you, have you received a miracle and have you been watching Todd Bentley Re...
should I get circumcised? 2008-07-05 (closed)
Im 16, and uncircumcised, its ok, but all the men and boys around me are circumcised, I think it ...
Bible - The word of god or what? 2008-07-05
I'm interested in the question of whether or not christians see the bible as god's word, inerrant...
Bible, Spanking, Perverted uses of... 2008-07-01 (closed)
THIS POLL FOR CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS ONLY Biblical spanking, Christian spanking, Biblical Disci...
Christians do you have a sexual fantacy life? 2008-06-27
Were you taught never to think about sex? But do you anyway?
The Hoodin Religion 2008-06-22 (closed)
I am Hoodin. are you?
What is your understanding of Christianity? 2008-06-22
What is your understanding of Christianity and its major doctrines?
Homosexuals and Homosexuality 2008-06-02
A short survey for Christians about homosexuals and homosexuality.
Ninja Poll 125: Karma 2008-05-24
Karma is when you believe that when you do good things, good things happen, and when you do bad t...
Your best virtue. 2008-05-24
Recently, I've been showing some interest in morals, so I came up with these two polls. This one ...
Your worst vice. 2008-05-24
Recently, I've been showing some interest in morals, so I came up with these two polls. This one ...
Ninja Poll 118: Satan. 2008-05-22
Ninja Poll 118: Satan.
Ninja Poll 106: Do Miracles Happen? 2008-05-22
Do Miracles Happen? That depends on what you mean by Miracle. Littlewood's law, making certain su...
Is God real 2008-05-05 (closed)
Its about God and thats it..
7 Deadly Sins 2008-04-09
7 Deadly Sins
Are you a 'be leaver'? 2008-04-09 (closed)
I am interested in the rate and reason why Christians leave their churches. I am also intereste...
Wicca 2008-04-09
Have you heard of, or practiced Wicca?
Witchcraft 2008-03-23
Do you believe in Witchcraft? What are your views regarding it?
CHURCH 2008-03-17 (closed)
Hey! I made this poll to find out info for my essay on Church's effect on society. Thankyou for ...