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For Christians 2007-09-15
I just thought this over and I figured it's something that we all need to be refreshed with and I...
Do you think god considers you personally important? 2007-09-02
Do you think god considers you personally important?
What's your religion? 2007-08-20
Can you prove god exists? 2007-08-06
Which of these arguments convinces you that god does or does not exist? If there are arguments I ...
Moslems 2007-07-24
Religious Discrimination
Religious Discrimination 2007-07-21
Based on current events, please answer these questions.
More Religious Beliefs 2007-07-20
Questions about religious beliefs.
Faith Poll 2007-07-03
A poll about faith.
What do you think about...? 2007-07-03
Choose any answer you like. If your opinion is not up there feel free to write it in the message ...
For Mormons 2007-06-22
If you are a Mormon, take this poll and see how you rate with other Mormons.
What Do You Believe 2007-06-22
I am conducting a little poll to see what people believe about God. I would like to see at least...
Science vs Religion 2007-06-19
Science vs Religion. Which will you choose?
Open Religion 2007-06-18
I have written about my beliefs on religion. now I want to know yours.
Faith and Religion 2007-06-15
They like Jesus, but hate the church. 2007-06-06
I recently attended a workshop by this title and it really got me thinking. Is the reason why Chr...
Would you attend? 2007-06-04
For Christians, would you attend or participate in the following?
religious attitudes 2007-06-04
Various religious questions.
Which of the following are sins? 2007-06-04
Which of the following are sins?
Hell Poll 2007-06-04
Questions about hellfire and damnation
Beliefs about the Bible 2007-06-04
Here are some questions and statements about the bible. Choose the one that most closely matches...
Orthodox Church 2007-05-24
How much do you know about Eastern Orthodox Christianity?
Theological Beliefs 2007-05-24
Various theological beliefs.
Over-the-Top Christians 2007-05-24
mormons 2007-05-21
mormonism poll
Do YOU believe in God, and if so, how much. 2007-05-21
Title explains it all. I am 100% Theological believing all the Bible because of evidence. What ...