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Christianity Poll 2007-02-22
This is a poll about Christianity.
What If Today Were Your Last? 2007-02-08
Are you right with God?
Your opinion 2007-01-10
There will be only two question which will show your opinion two different topics.
The Rapture 2007-01-09
With the continued success of the Left Behind series of books and movies, The idea of the Rapture...
Physics and Religion 2006-12-24
People often say science and religion are not mutually exculsive. This is an entirely NON-scient...
God, Faith, & Religion 2006-12-20
A poll about religion.
If Zeus was Real 2006-12-20
If Zeus came down from Mount Olympus and magically made you know he was Zeus and a god would you...
Athiest and Hypnosis 2006-12-02
I'm doing a poll to see how many Atheists have been hypnotized.
Religion and Hypnosis 2006-12-02
I am collecting information on how many Christians have been hypnotized. If your not a Christian...
Christianity Vs. Evolution 2006-11-30
Is Evolution and Christianity Compatible?
How often do you devote time for GOD?
What is you Religion 2006-11-28
What Religion do you follow?
Religious groups 2006-11-21
Hello, I'm doing a thesis for my college writing class and this is an experiment to see whether m...
Palmer B2 Separation of Church and State 2006-11-20
Should the discussion/display of religion be restricted to places of worship, or should religion ...
Would you support Sunday legislation? 2006-11-02
This poll is to see whether or not most people would support the passage of Sunday legislation.
Are You Tired? 2006-11-01
Are you tired of people posting things questioning God's gender?
"Salvation Nation" 2006-11-01
This is a poll for Christians and non-Christians who either believe they are saved or not or both...
Evolution Option 2006-10-25
I saw this mentioned before so i made this.
What do you believe 2006-10-25
This poll is for ANYONE
Evolution or Creation 2006-10-24
Religion or evolution, what do you believe
Personal or organized religion ? 2006-10-13
Today, more Humans worldwide are experiencing personal God-consciousness in Jesus Christ. When d...
Get peace already 2006-10-08
Peace be with you.
Religion in US Public Schools - Christians Only Please 2006-09-29
There is always a huge controvercy between people. There are Christians on both sides. So, what i...
Does God have a gender? 2006-09-25
In the Holy Bible, God is always referred to in the masculine singular, with a capital letter - &...
What do you belive in 2006-09-19
What do you belive in