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Moral issues and Politics 2005-11-21
what is right and wrong
Religion 2005-11-21
what do you believe
What are the prerequisites for being a missionary 2005-11-21
What do you think about missionaries? What is important for them to know, do, and be? How imp...
Do you beleive in God? 2005-11-15
I just wanted to see what road America is heading down
Are young marriages the solution to sexual immorality? 2005-10-25
The purpose of this poll is to ask Christians (and those of others faiths who believe in sex only...
RELIGION 2005-10-25
Sex and religion 2005-10-12
Do you have sex and if so is it in agreement with religion?
Dating NonChristians 2005-10-08
IS it acceptable for a professed Christian to date a professed non Christian?
Continuing Revelation? 2005-10-07
This is a Poll for all of you wonderful Christians out there. I was just curious how many of you...
Religion 2005-10-06
Just a religious question
Is bad timing ESP? 2005-09-28
When the phone rings at the worst possible moment, is it usually the same guy-- the one with path...
Religious Opinions 2005-09-14
This poll is to see what people think about the different stories in different manuscripts around...
The Catholic Church 2005-09-12
What do you think regarding some of the important issues and/or practices of The Catholic Church,...
Is Amrica Better Off Without Bush ? 2005-09-12
Bush gave Massive Tax Relief to the RICH while ignoring the plight of the POOREST of Americans, T...
What religion 2005-09-06
What religion do you prefer?
The Future of Romanism 2005-09-01
Some say the religion of Rome will survive up to the last day; still others say {including Nostra...
Time travel to prove the resurrection of Christ 2005-09-01
Imagine that a form of time travel has just been invented which allows us to observe past events ...
What do you think of the pope? 2005-08-30
well, what do you think?
What is your favorite element? 2005-08-29
There are all different kindes of elements. Let me hear some of yours.
By an atheist ~ For atheists 2005-08-24
Come explain why you chose atheism.
NeoCath Beliefs - Version 1 2005-08-19
<h2>If you self-identify as a NeoCath, please answer this poll.</h2> <p><p&...
Christian Headcovering 2005-08-17
This is a poll for Christians about the practise of headcovering.
Religion/Lifestyle 2005-08-11
This is just a poll to see how people's lifestyles relate to their beliefs or lack thereof.
Is this enough proof for all of you who do not believe in... 2005-08-09
I dont care what your religon is...go to this link http://www.av1611.org/hell.html does this ...
Would we exist if there is no God 2005-08-09
I am a Christain, and the other day, I was running through the religion type polls, and noticed t...