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Sunday School 2004-08-13
This poll is designed to help me out with my Sunday School teaching.
poll for muslims 2004-08-13
as muslims know there are many different beliefs in Islam. God said he would guide those who wou...
Spirit Guides and Angels and God and others 2004-08-12
Do you believe in any of these things?
Meditation 2004-08-12
A poll on meditation
what's your religion? 2004-08-03
What religion do you belong to??
How Do You View Arabs and Muslims in America? 2004-08-03
What is the current status of Muslims and Arabs in America?
God and Jesus Christ 2004-08-03
This is a poll whose objective is to know what are your beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. This ...
New Polls 2004-08-01
You can use a bible to help you.
issues 2004-07-21
whats your veiws on these important political issues?
Dodekatheism (Greek Olympian gods worship) 2004-07-07
Dodekatheism is a religion that people in ancient Greece believed in. It is based in Greek mythol...
Views of Buddhism 2004-06-16
I am a Buddhist and I would just like to know other's views of Buddhism.
Islam daughter 2004-06-07
This poll is for islam fathers
Revelation 2004-06-07
Whether or not the book of Revelation is real.
Favorite Old Tyme Bible/Gospel Song 2004-05-28
Young or Old,Please Vote
Your Denomination 2004-05-22
What is your Christian denomination?
Satanism 2004-05-19
Traditional or Modern satanism. Which do you fit in? Traditionalists worship Satan as a god, wh...
A little different Religion question 2004-05-03
Here are some less than usual questions.
Reading Theology 2004-05-03
What kinds of theological books interest you?
Various controversial questions 2004-05-03
Various hot topics.
On Church Music 2004-05-03
Vote for your favorite kinds of liturgical music.
Your Interpretations of unique Christian Beliefs 2004-05-02
Poll to determine popular opinion and understanding of fundamental Christian concepts
Spirituality 2004-04-30
What do you beleive in? Do you beleive in anything?
On Scripture 2004-04-30
Here are some questions about Holy Scripture
Views of the Sacraments 2004-04-30
Answer these questions to register your views on the Christian sacraments (ordinances)
Aliens Vs God. 2004-04-30
Which do you believe in more, Aliens or God.