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Pledge of Allegiance - Under God? 2004-11-28
Religion in schools is one of the biggest issues that public education is faced with. Should stud...
How did you come to accept Jesus? 2004-11-28
How did you come to accept Christ as your LORD and Savior?
What was your age when you accepted Christ? 2004-11-28
How old were you when you accepted Christ as you personal LORD and Savior?
Assurance of Salvation 2004-11-25
The following are simple questions about what you believe regarding your salvation.
Morality vs Faith 2004-11-22
Does one rely on the other...
Catholic Respect at Mass. 2004-11-21
There can be found varied levels of respect in the celebration of Mass and of the Holy Eucharist....
Christians: Demographics of Calvinists and non-Calvinists 2004-10-26
This is a simple poll to discover what sort of people are Calvinists (those who believe God has p...
Dressing of Catholic girls - only for Catholic girls! 2004-10-23
What are you allowed and what do you want to wear, Catholic girls? (If you would like to write me...
The big "Why do you need God? poll 2004-10-23
God plays an important part in the lives of many, if not most people. This poll will throw some...
Religion 2004-10-21
Religious poll
To be a Christian 2004-10-01
What does it mean to be a Christian?
Choice of school uniform 2004-09-25
These are some school uniforms I have seen (in Canada, US and UK). Which would you prefer?
God 2004-09-15
I want to hear from believers, agnostics and atheists.
Common Beliefs 2004-09-12
here are just some common questions about spirituality
Church Preferance 2004-09-10
What makes a perfect Church?
CHURCH ISSUES 2004-09-02
Please tell me what you think is appropiate in Church
Jesus in education 2004-09-01
Just a pool about JC in our US educational system
Un-Denominational 2004-08-29
A look at the early church in the Bible. I reccomend the book "Undenominational Christianit...
ARE YOU FOR SALE? 2004-08-25
Are Christians dressing more like the world? Are we showing too much and causing the body of Chr...
Evolution: Theory or Fact? 2004-08-16
Some people treat evolution as a favt. Others maintain it is a theory with no evidence to back it...
I am a graduate architecture student doing a thesis project that deals with religion and evangeli...
sref 2004-08-13
Who is Jesus mother? 2004-08-13
Catholic Belief Poll 2004-08-13
This poll is intended for Roman Catholics. It is intended to find out what Catholic believe abou...
Islam is the message of jesus 2004-08-13
Jesus told the people to believe in one god, he never told them to worship him.