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Martyrdom 2005-03-07
In Islam the death of the martyr is very respected because the person who dies as a Shaheed will ...
How Effective Is The Church? 2005-03-07
We need your feedback on the efectiveness of the church today. You will remain anonymous, so plea...
Mormons 2005-03-02
I'm a mormon and have always wondered what others think of us. nobody will ever say what they thi...
Are all religions ok? 2005-03-01
My poll is to find out how people of one religion react to people of another
Jesus 2005-02-21
Some people do not know whether Jesus Christ is the Lord God or not. This poll is testing your kn...
cog diss 2005-02-21
A test version of my psych survey
Religious likes and dislikes 2005-02-21
The purpose of this poll is to find out which religion has the greatest number of believers, and ...
When Is Jesus Coming? 2005-02-14
Do you believe Jesus will return soon? How soon?
what do u believe in?? 2005-02-11
i need to get your answers for my research paper. its basically a poll on ppl's opinion about aft...
Next Pope 2005-02-08
Many people believe Pope John Paul II is on the verge of retirement. So far, five candidates are...
Did religion mess you up? 2005-02-02
Have your experiences with religion while young or later in life cause you emotional harm?
The GOD Quiz Part 1 2005-01-31
Here are quick simple questions to clear some of my doubts about people....
Muslim men, do you like gays? 2005-01-31
The general perception is that most muslims are homophobic, which is hardly surprising considerin...
Hell 2005-01-14
A poll on the subject of Hell.
Religion and Politics 2005-01-13
Should there be some constraints on politicians in using religion in campaigning
Respect and Religion 2005-01-11
This poll explores peoples level of respect towards a person given their beliefs
Catholics: Tradition or assumptions 2004-12-26
Polling on some of the most common perceptions and misperceptions about the Church today
Religions of the future 2004-12-26
What will our beliefs look like years from now?
Religion a crock? 2004-12-15
Most wars over seas are due to religion. Does it help more than ot hurts? Long ago people made ...
Religion VS Demographics 2004-12-15
Hi, this is a poll to see what the religion of people is in several sterotypical groups. Please a...
Other Religions - What do you know? 2004-12-12
I am a Religious Studies major, and I want to see what others think about learning about other re...
Agnostic/Athiests information 2004-12-08
Was this a decision?
heaven or hell 2004-12-08
is religion relevant? does it aid our lifes and can we live without it.
When is Jesus Coming Back? 2004-11-28
Do You think it will be during your lifetime?
When did you come to Christ? 2004-11-28
what was your age?