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Do you agree 2006-09-19
Just my thoughts, do you agree or disagree?
Your religon and why you believe it 2006-09-18
Im just curious who peoples religons are and why they believe it
which is most annoying religious group 2006-09-08
Which religious group annoys you the most by constantly appearing at the doorstep
which religion causes most war 2006-09-08
which of the religions causes most of the worlds violent unrest?
religion 2006-09-06
Just to know what the religion pop. is.
Remarriage and Hellbound? 2006-08-24
Talk to Me.
The TEN Commandments 2006-08-23
I think a lot of these religious people are hypocritcal. I want to make a quiz to prove that.
Animal Rights 2006-08-21
Do you think animals should have similar rights to humans?
Should the Roman Catholic Church have an Anglican Rite? 2006-08-19
Currently, the Roman Catholic Church offers an Anglican Use style of worship, especially for Past...
Islam and the media 2006-08-18
Do you think that the media influences the veiw people have on islam...
Muslim Female Attire 2006-08-17
I am just married to an islam husband. He wants me to dress up more modestly. Therefore I made th...
what do YOU believe? 2006-08-13
i created this poll pretty much just to see what ppl out there think about certain things.
Israel vs. Hezbollah 2006-08-13
A quick survey to see how many of you actually understand what the heck is going on in the middle...
Who Would Jesus Bomb? 2006-08-11
Everybody seems to have a different idea of what Jesus would or wouldn't do.Many say he wouldn't ...
Divorce Forgiveness For Christians 2006-08-09
If you don't confess the sin of divorce will you be sent to Hell forever?
Sacrilges 2006-08-09
Is it unforgivable?
Mortal Sin 2006-08-09
NonCatholics (For Catholics Only) 2006-07-29
Where do they go?
what do you believe??? 2006-07-28
i wonder how many people think what i believe in is wrong... no that it matters
Jews (For Christians) 2006-07-24
Who was Jesus? 2006-07-23
Questions to learn people's perceptions concerning Jesus.
Last Apology 2006-07-23
Priest or Not?
Religion 2006-07-20
WIll there be a "Clash of Civilisations" in the near future? 2006-07-20
The division between Islam and the West is becoming more and more evident and gaping. The rope ca...
SREBRENICA(Bosnia) 2006-07-17
What do you think about the biggest massacre after Aushwitz.On 11th july 1995 serbian general Rat...