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What kind of Christian are you? 2007-05-21
There are many different denominations under the unbrella of Christianity. I'll bet I can tell wh...
Religion and the Egyptian Media 2007-05-18
This is a poll for our "Communication research methods" class.
The Crucifiction 2007-05-10
The crucifiction of Jesus Christ is the basis on which Christianity is founded. Without his deat...
The Age of the Earth, Evolution, and the Flood 2007-05-10
Just like to know where people stand on this topic. Feel free to give reasons (evidences) for yo...
Christian & Non-christian views on the universe 2007-05-10
Hey, this is an interesting little poll i set up, and im very interested to see the results. Plea...
The Jew 2007-05-08
I think many still wonder what exactly is a Jew. I believe it can only be a descendent of Abraham...
The Mormons 2007-05-08
How do you feel about mormons? How do YOU feel, not your Grandpa or whoever.
Attitudes of American Jews 2007-04-24
I would like to make my own poll on the attitudes of American Jews. Please take this poll only i...
Various questions about Hell 2007-04-13
Even in the Christian Church there has been much controversy about Hell throughout the centuries ...
The Role of the Cemetery in Society 2007-04-09
I am studying the changing role of the cemetery in society. I am especially interested in what th...
Aithiests 2007-04-07
Just a few questions about Atheism. Atheists only please.
Which version of the bible? 2007-03-29
Which version of the Bible is right?
Are You Muslim? 2007-03-29
Just a poll to find out the type of people that visit my site.
Salvation+Religion 2007-03-25
Who do you think will be saved?
Buddhism Poll (for Buddhists) 2007-03-25
This is just to see what kind of Buddhists are out there and if we agree on anything. :-)
With our Without God 2007-03-21
How would your behavior change if you had absolute proof that there is or is not a God?
Dualism , Materialism or Idealism ? 2007-03-21
I would like to know how you perceive the world from your point of view.
Religion 2007-03-21
what ur religion?
Jesus's tomb 2007-03-17
I know the evidence is overwhelming you know how they found Jesus, Joseph, Mary, Mary Magdalene, ...
Religious Tolerace and Freedom 2007-03-07
I am making this poll to see how Americans truly feel about freedom to practice their religion in...
How can you get to Heaven? 2007-02-28
What must you do in order to go into heaven?
Pilgrimage, You, And Israel 2007-02-28
This is a poll designed to see what pilgrims expect and want when they come to visit us here in I...
are you an average Christian? 2007-02-26
I once heard that the average christian dosn't even spend 5 minutes a day praying. I am curi...
Science and the Supernatural in Religion 2007-02-26
This is a religious survey for a college class.
Are you a Christian? 2007-02-24
Vote here and tell whether you are a Christian or not.