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what does it take to get into heaven? 2008-03-17
what does it take?
tonsure ceremony for my little brother 2008-03-16 (closed)
hi. i am sanjana.this is what happened to my 7 yr bro.my age is 15 and i am a girl.in my religion...
Islam is a great religion 2008-03-13 (closed)
Islam is a great religion
If you could perform a miracle, what would it be? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-13
Ok, so you're talking to the big guy in the sky (again), and he gives you any one out of six mira...
The United States: Secular or Religious? 2008-03-13 (closed)
Is your religion more important than your patriotism? While faith is a personal issue, when it c...
Everyone: Do you belive in "God"? (Poll by blackninja133) 2008-03-09
God... Who is he? Why is he? When is he? No-one really knows for certain... or do they?
For Muslims and Wiccans 2008-03-08
A socialological investigation on how Muslims and Wiccans are treated by "common society".
Spirituality and Religion 2008-03-04 (closed)
This poll pertains to the Christian Bible, so if you're non-Christian please just view the result...
Must the numbers in Qur'an be fixed with Veyselic Numbers? 2008-03-03 (closed)
Is there a contradiction in Arabic Language, being a BiDirectional Language?...? Languages s...
Differances in views between Christians and those who aren't 2008-03-01 (closed)
I am interested in how Christians differ from non-Christians in their views on differant social a...
Does all of God's creation have a purpose? 2008-02-12
In the last few days, a robot space probe called Messenger flew past the planet Mercury. It sent ...
At what age were you saved? 2008-02-08 (closed)
A way to see the age when most people are receptive to the Gospel.
Is God Perfect? 2008-02-08
Is God Perfect?
Religious Education in Schools 2008-01-31
At the school you went to, or are currently attending, did they have religious education classes?...
Cults for fun and profit. 2008-01-31 (closed)
I am always wondering why people follow religious cults and find their absolute wackiness kind of...
Atheists - What do you believe? 2008-01-22
Please only answer if you consider yourself an atheist.
Mormonism: Obsessive Christians or Profiteers? 2008-01-21
Anyone who responds to this poll must have some knowledge of mormons and their ways. This is for ...
Uniform, swimwear, respect and discipline 2008-01-21
My 18 year old daughter has got me on to mrpoll and am finding it very interesting. We are very ...
Atheism vs. Theism 2008-01-17
Atheism vs. Theism
If you were baptised by immersion, what did you wear? 2008-01-17
If you were baptised by immersion, what did you wear?
Religion? 2008-01-17
Creationism and Evolution - True or False 2008-01-15
Creationism and Evolution - True or False
Will all liars be cast into the Lake of Fire? 2008-01-10 (closed)
Will all liars be cast into the Lake of Fire?
What Religion Do You Adhere To? 2008-01-05 (closed)
What Religion Do You Adhere To?
What is your religeon? 2008-01-02 (closed)
What is your religeon?