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Mormonism: What do you think? 2002-03-28
I'm really curious about what others, both Christian and Non-Christian, think of Mormonism. Anyw...
Religion 2002-03-27
what religion are you?
Beliefs and Religion 2002-03-27
What do you believe?
If you claim to believe in the Bible.... 2002-03-14
...then voice your opinion on the following biblical ideologies. Are they true or false according...
Witchcraft, do you know? 2002-03-08
What do yoy know about real witchcraft?
Who is your favorite Bible Character? 2002-03-08
Please vote from the following
What does God want? 2002-03-04
This poll is only for people who believe a God exists. God has obviously given us free will, but ...
Yin Yang 2002-03-04
Religion 2002-02-27
Do you believe in God?
What do you consider a sin? 2002-02-27
Here is some things that may or may not be considered sin to some people. Choose your opinion for...
Your views on the Religious Right 2002-02-12
The "Religious Right" is a movement trying to do anything to spread their religious bel...
Do you believe that Jesus is God? 2002-02-11
Do you believe that Jesus is God?
religious views 2002-02-04
i would like to see what the general public's views on religion are.
The Wiccan Poll 2002-01-30
This is a Poll for Wiccans.
Christian acts vs beliefs 2002-01-24
Suppose that one person ALWAYS acts just as Jesus said to, but does NOT believe ANY of the belief...
Bible Belief 2002-01-16
Believing the Bible is more than just picking and choosing. Part of the test of this is whethe...
Life after death. 2002-01-15
Do you believe there is life after death?
Can Christians drink alcohol? 2002-01-15
This poll is about Christians and alcohol, I am adding scriptures to. I believe that the whole C...
Love and loss 2002-01-14
Hello, I have a family menber woh's very dear to me and he's really sick. I'm scared that he wont...
Religion and Your Life 2002-01-12
This poll evaluates religion and the importance in your life
The Importance of Ramadan 2001-12-31
I am making this poll for a school project, so please take it! The purpose is to find out the im...
Religious Freedom 2001-12-31
Does Europe in the year 2002 discriminate against the church Jesus Christ Established in the year...
Mormonism 2001-12-27
This is merely a poll to see what your opinion is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ...
Scripture 2001-12-24
This is a poll of what scriptures you believe to be true and sacred.
Winter Holidays 2001-12-16
A little poll about various winter holidays