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Wicca 101 2001-12-12
Okay, if you think this is full of you know what, just go to another poll, okay? This is just to...
Chanukah 2001-12-12
Hello everyone, this is a poll for Chanukah! Let's see exactly how much you know about it, and w...
Jesus 2001-12-11
What do you think?
The Church: Blessing or Curse? 2001-11-26
The Church has done both evil and good throughout the 2000 years of its existence. What is the Ch...
Post-Tribulation Rapture...why is it (un)biblical? 2001-11-26
The Rapture is an essential issue that provokes much debate. Why do you agree or disagree with a ...
What do u believe in? 2001-11-09
This is a poll about religious things and what u believe in ^-^
Wicca 2001-11-09
I just want to know how you all feel about alternative new age religions, such as Paganism and Wi...
Homosexuality and Christianity 2001-11-09
So, where do you stand? Are you above all this, blameless and able to condemn, or do you love th...
How Christianity is perceived 2001-11-09
Overrated? Attacked? Misunderstood? Ignorant? What do you think of Christianity in general?
Biblical Accuracy 2001-11-04
This poll is for Christians who believe that the Bible is the perfect, inerrant, flawless <I&g...
Fill out these interesting questions......
Vedic Vote 2001-10-23
Please Vote
Teen Bible College 2001-10-21
I am starting up a Bible college for teenagers (aged 13-18), which will be held on Friday nights ...
Voodoo Hoodoo 2001-10-20
This is a poll for people who are interested in Voodoo.
What do you believe? 2001-10-08
When it comes to religion many of us have different beliefs. So, what do you believe?
Religion and God 2001-10-08
Your views on religion and God.
Who Invented Religion? 2001-10-05
There are all kinds of religion out there and who's to say what you are. Is it just what your bor...
Christianity and the Death Penelty and other topics 2001-10-02
Christians... are you for the death penelty? ...abortion? ...gay marriages? take this poll an...
Angels walking among us, looking like us and doing good deed 2001-10-01
I am a Christian and I believe that Angels do walk among us and look like us, Hebrews 13. The bi...
STOP THE FIGHTING!!!! 2001-09-28
My poll is about religions controlling the government of countries.
Views on Islam 2001-09-02
Peace be upon you. Today, Islam is the world's second largest religion, yet, at the same time,...
Bible_Poll 2001-08-31
Do you "Really" read the Bible for yourself? Nearly all Christian Churchs follow a fal...
Satanists 2001-08-21
Welcome to a poll that is dedicated to the midians of satan"Hail Satan"
Roman Catholic 2001-07-31
What do you think the Catholic Church teaches?
Beliefs 2001-07-25
Questions dealing mainly with religion