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Pets / Animals


Colitis in dogs 2007-04-19
hi there. i was woundering who's dogs have/have had colitis? and wether they fully got over i...
Animal face-off #1 2007-04-19
Which animal(s) would win in a fight?
saltwater fish 2007-04-03
i would love to know of your saltwater tanks
tropical fish 2007-03-29
ive kept tropical fish for 3 months now and would like to know everyones favourite
How smart is your dog? (test with results) 2007-03-13
Is your dog a Lassie or a plain old Rover. When you check the one that describes your dog add the...
What is the best dog?? 2007-03-13
Well, pick a dog! ( Select for companion, guard, lapdog, family, kinda the best overall!
Could you be a rat owner? 2007-03-12
Rats are one of the greatest pets around, and yet their bad rep inhibits their deserved popularit...
For all the horse-obsessives out there! 2007-03-12
A poll for all those who love horses, or maybe not but are just curious about what goes on in a h...
What kind of dog should I get? 2007-03-10
elkhound 2007-03-06
do you think a norweigen elkhound can bring dwon a fully grown man
The Puppy Poll 2007-03-05
Puppy Mills need to be stopped! I created this poll to bring this to more people's attention.
What Kind of Pets you like Best? 2007-03-01
Choose whats the best pet its your choice what are you waiting for!
What tricks can your dog perform? 2007-02-28
Buddy, sit! Stay! Roll over! Good boy!
What breed of dog do you have? 2007-02-28
There are hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world, every breed with its own unique traits. Each b...
Horses 2007-02-21
If you love horses come here and vote about them.
what are your favourite animals? 2007-02-17
(tell the truth)
House Pets 2007-02-13
What pets do you have and how many?
NabazMood v2 2007-02-08
Choosing 15 Top Moods
Pets 2007-02-08
How many pets do you have? What kind? What's your favorite kind?
Crunchy Cat Treats 2007-01-23
New treats for cats, crunchy not soft to help fight tartar and give them fresh breath.
CATZ! 2007-01-20
Katty Lovers here is the poll 4 U!
Wildlife Concern 2007-01-20
I have to present a project concerning the public's concern for wildlife...TOMORROW! So PLEASE he...
your kind of dog 2007-01-20
decide what dogs you do and dont like
Is the Maltese right for you. 2007-01-10
If you get more yeses than nos the maltese is your dog!
What do you think about zoos? 2007-01-09
They are bad or good? Millions like the zoos, millions reject them... Why?