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Pets / Animals


xxWHATS CUTEST?xx 2006-08-18
What animal iz ur fave? :]
Pet 2006-08-18
This poll is about which pet do you have or want.
Animal Care (2 dogs, one cat) 2006-08-11
I have been taking care of a neighbor's pets for 25 days, I was wondering how much you believe I ...
This or That? 2006-08-05
Choose 1 animal over another.
What's YOUR favorite color? 2006-07-28
This poll is for finding out what your favorite Great Dane color is!
pit bulls 2006-07-25
hey all you out there reading this tell me what do u think
Pets/Animals 2006-07-05
Pets/Animals 2006-07-05
Pets Alone 2006-06-27
This is a poll about how long people leave their pets alone at home.
Should animals have the same rights as humans? 2006-06-21
most animals dont get a choice they are forced to do things that they probably dont even want to ...
GIRLS ONLY : BUG CRUSH!!!! 2006-06-17
Which Is The Smartest Dog? 2006-06-14
The obvious.
# of Dogs 2006-06-10
How many dogs do you have?
Do you like reptiles? 2006-06-05
Do you like reptiles? Lizards,snakes,turtles,none or all?
Darling Pets 2006-05-25
This poll is about our pets and how we interact with them
Animal Abuse 2006-05-23
animal abuse
snakes 2006-05-17
this poll is all about snakes
What about wolves? 2006-05-15
Wolves are intresting too.
Animal Abuse 2006-05-15
This is for my sophomore project
Goslings vs. Ducklings 2006-05-09
I want a gosling sooo bad!!! They're MUCH bigger than ducklings. Goslings also have smaller bea...
Deforestation 2006-05-01
this is for my sophomore project. =]]
Pets 2006-04-25
this pole is about pets
naming my kitten 2006-04-22
i need help naming new kitten
how many pets do you have 2006-04-21
its about how many pets you have
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix? 2006-04-19
Do you have a poodle or poodle mix??