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Pets / Animals


Which is cuter? 2007-09-24
Which is cuter the Monkey&Bird or the Hippo&Tortoise ??
animals 2007-09-10
what is YOUR fav animal?
animal fights 2007-09-02
who would win
What is your favorite breed of dog? 2007-09-02
Ever wonder how many people agree with you?
Whats your favorite animal 2007-08-18
This is probaly my longest poll I have ever made so are you ready to vote
what animal would you be? 2007-08-16
ever wish you could be an animal? i haven't but i thought it'd be fun to see what animal you coul...
THE CHIMP QUIZ! 2007-08-08
hello!! im sandy! can you take my quiz pleaz?
Is your pet a family member? 2007-08-08
Do you consider your pet a member of the family?
Horse Whipping 2007-07-04
Omg, stop whipping horses! They are defenseless animals, they can feel, too, and most of the time...
New Law 2007-07-03
Some of us are going to be submitting a new bill (hopefully soon a law) and wondered how people w...
How do you train your cats? 2007-06-09
What methods do you support for the training/correction of felines?
Healthy Dog: Which products do you buy for your dogs? 2007-06-06
I wanted to see what other people feed their dogs
animals 2007-06-04
which is your favorite
animals 2007-06-04
favorite animals
vet or doctor 2007-06-04
which one
help 2007-06-04
why would you do this
why 2007-06-04
hey try it out!!!!
Best thing a dog does 2007-05-21
what is the cutest thing a dog does?
What kind of specialized saltwater tank would you set up? 2007-05-18
If you could set up a specialized tank, over and above your reef/FOWLR, what would it be?
Great dogs 2007-05-02
I like all of the dogs listed below. They are really neat and interesting. Unfortunately, I don't...
The Most Complete Dog Poll On Misterpoll 2007-05-02
Welcome to the dog poll on misterpoll with the MOST DOGS. If the dog you like is not on here leav...
Cats or dogs? Which is your favorite and why? 2007-05-02
Hi everybody. Please answer my poll as honestly as you can. I have been through every cat vs. dog...
Bettas 2007-04-28
Some betta questions.
Your Pets 2007-04-28
Tell us about your pets.
So Many Pets 2007-04-25
This poll is to see how many pools you have