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Pets / Animals


Newport County Dog Daycare Poll 2008-06-07 (closed)
This survey is to be used for market research for a dog daycare in the Newport County area. This ...
The Random Poll 2008-06-07
The Random Poll
Animal rights 2008-06-04
Opinion on animal rights
the ultimate torture 2008-06-04
help stop every dog's nightmare 2008-05-22
picture your dog or a dog in a tiny cage having puppies EVERY heat cycle. this really does happen...
puppy mills 2008-05-22
puppy mills are places where dogs are bred until they can not have puppies anymore. many of these...
What's the most cute animal? 2008-05-22
How do you spend your dog days of summer? 2008-05-16
How do you spend your dog days of summer?
How evil are you? 2008-05-16
Take this poll an find out if people think what EViLLe means.
Name's for Paloma's hamster 2008-05-16 (closed)
Name's for Paloma's hamster
Which animal is better? 2008-05-16
Canada Geese 2008-05-12
Canada Geese
Favorite type of animal class 2008-05-05
what is your favorite type of animal class
will llamas ever inslave the universe and eat us all? and when do you think the 2008-05-05 (closed)
idk why i made this one im bored i guess
Where did you get your dog 2008-04-24
Where did you get your dog
do you kill poor little creatures? 2008-04-10
do you kill poor little creatures?
Find a name for my new Snake 2008-04-09 (closed)
I am trying to find a name for my new Ball Python(s)....I'm trying to find some unique/creative n...
cats 2008-04-09 (closed)
Ring on Ring-necked duck 2008-04-03 (closed)
I would like to know how many birders have seen the neck ring on the Ring necked Duck, in the fie...
Veterinarian 2008-03-31 (closed)
dogs or cats? 2008-03-11 (closed)
which one?
dogs 2008-03-11
Which Feivel™ Will You Buy? 2008-03-08
First watch the ad and read the blog at www.chabad.org/647876 . Then give us your input...
dogs 2008-03-08
I'm interested in dogs' habits.
Your Dream Horse 2008-03-05
Your Dream Horse