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What's a good book for a 6th grader who likes fantasy and historical fiction? 2008-11-21 (closed)
What's a good book for a 6th grader who likes fantasy and historical fiction?
NARNIA poll 2008-11-18 (closed)
It's a whole poll asking various questions about the Narnia chronicles.
The Inheritance Cycle 2008-11-18 (closed)
a lot of details about the book series
batman characters FACE OFF (semi-finals) 2008-11-16 (closed)
we're getting close...
Eragon: Rip-off or a good book? 2008-11-15 (closed)
a question about the eragon series
Nancy Drew 2008-11-13
Nancy Drew
Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics- Round 4 2008-11-09
the next round of the ultimate superhero deathmatch. Who will be the last one standing?
Jeff Dunham favorite puppet 2008-11-09
Jeff Dunham is a ventrilaquist or in other words "comedian with dolls" youtube Jeff Dunham
Favorite Book Series 2008-11-06 (closed)
Favorite Book Series
Harry Potter (Series) VS Twilight (Series) 2008-11-06 (closed)
Two female authors, two worldwide best sellers, two greatest thrills, two going to be films, what...
Anime/Manga vs Comics/Toons 2008-11-01 (closed)
not really much...just an random poll
Marvel 2008-10-29
maximum ride 2008-10-20 (closed)
warning: major spoilers!
Who would win in a fight? 2008-10-20
Who would win?
batman characters FACE OFF(quarter-finals) 2008-10-20 (closed)
Warrior Cats!! 2008-10-18 (closed)
I love Warrior Cats I own all of them and Im waiting to buy Tigerstar and sasha # 2 and #3 and Lo...
Twilight vs harry potter 2008-10-18
I would like to ask you witch one do you like the best!!!!
Twilight 2008-10-18
Twilight 2008-10-17
Do you like Twilight?
superman vs meteor man 2008-10-17
superman vs the ghetto version of superman
My new superhero, "The Bolt" 2008-10-15
Hi, I am obssessed with superheroes and I have made up 238 superheroes of my own and soon to be 2...
Which Harry Potter Book Is The Best 2008-10-15
Which harry potter book is the best
Japan comic or Indonesia comic? 2008-10-14
Choose what comic do you like
Marvel Villians vs. Marvel Villians Pt.2 2008-10-06
Here is another bunch. Starting on Part 3 we will have a tournament, but till then lets start wit...
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate? 2008-10-04
Princess Sally Acorn, Love or Hate?