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DC Vs Marvel 2009-04-22 (closed)
Who Would Win in a Clash Between Marvel & DC Characters
Supporting Sookie 2009-04-18 (closed)
This week's poll is LATE - yes I know. Life sometimes does that. Anyway, this week's poll gives ...
twilight lovers take this poll! 2009-04-13 (closed)
twilight lovers take this poll!
The New Prophecy 2009-04-07
The New Prophecy
Is it Bill or is it Bull? 2009-04-03 (closed)
Finally!!! Bill gets his turn in the sun - or moon light since he's a vampire. This week we are ...
Buster Classic Strips 2009-03-29 (closed)
A chance for you to vote for the best strips over 40 years worth of comics. The results will be p...
Vicious & Villainous Moments in Sookiedom 2009-03-28 (closed)
This week we are getting into the vile and vicious acts we've encountered during Sookie's exploit...
Which warrior namefor Florinpaw? 2009-03-28
Which warrior namefor Florinpaw?
Imran Series 2009-03-28
Imran Series is Pakistani Ibn-e-Safi’s least best-selling Urdu spy novels series. The first nov...
Twilight 2009-03-28
do you like Twilight
Okay I know you guys are addicted to Eric Northman, but I'm curious to find out which is your add...
Spring Break 2009-03-22 (closed)
This week's poll is a little different - open until 3/22 due to spring break
choose your own adventure 2009-03-11
are you a choose your own adventure fanatic?!
IS SAM THE MAN??? 2009-03-07 (closed)
This week we will be voting on the good, the bad and all things Sam. I have to admit that Sam is...
Kisses & Wibbles 2009-02-27 (closed)
This week we're voting on the BEST kisses in Sookiedom. Since all the suitors deserve their own ...
Poll of the Day 2009-02-23 (closed)
Poll of the Day
Greatest Comic Villain 2009-02-21
The greatest villains are without a doubt from the human imagination in the form of comic. Decide...
Weapons, Fighting & Death 2009-02-20 (closed)
This week's poll is all about violence and death. Your favorite death scenes, weapons, fights and...
what should the title of my book be 2009-02-17 (closed)
I'm writing a book on vampires. it is about a 20 year old girl named Clarabelle (clara) who gets ...
Marvel Martial Artists 2009-02-15 (closed)
Who has the best kung fu?
Color comics on Mondays? 2009-02-15
A vote on whether or not I should update Silver Age in color on Mondays
Viking Love & Misery 2009-02-13 (closed)
This week's poll was all about the Viking Hunk of Love. Without further ado, here are the best m...
Joker Or Riddler 2009-02-13
Who your Favourite Villain.
Quinn's Best & Worst Moments (or Fave/Least Fave) 2009-02-10 (closed)
All things Quinn were up for grabs and these are the moments that you found most memorable - eith...
Super Heros 2009-02-04 (closed)
Pick your favorite super hero.