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Your Top 10 Marvel Villains 2008-10-01
Tell me who your favorite or who you think are the best Marvel Villains. Anybody from The Red Sku...
Marvel Fights 2008-09-30
Marvel Fights
IT poll(NOVELSTYLES) 2008-09-19
Marvel Villians Vs. Marvel Villians 2008-09-19
This is were some of the strongest Marvel villians go against each other. Some villians will be r...
pick ur fave superhero! 2008-09-18 (closed)
I'm doing this poll for my school mag, and i'd really appreciate all u ppl's input! so who really...
DC vs MARVEL 2008-09-16
who do u think will win? here are some tough questions, answer wisely....and dnt vote on just how...
Which book should we read? 2008-09-11 (closed)
Which book should we read?
Best book in the "Flashman" excellent series of novels.. 2008-09-04 (closed)
Which is your fave book in this fantastic series? Mine'd be "Flashman and the Redskins bu...
Greatest Hero of All Time Poll 2008-09-01
Greatest Hero of All Time Poll
batman characters FACE OFF (round 3) 2008-09-01
the competition is heating up... I think ~
Twilight 2008-09-01 (closed)
have you heard of las lindas? 2008-08-30 (closed)
have you heard of las lindas?
Superhero Fights 2008-08-25
This is a poll of Superheroes vs Superheroes. It will be random characters fighting each other.
Superman or SuperGirl? 2008-08-25
Superman or SuperGirl?
maxipoll 2008-08-23
Maximum Ride and Twilight
Animal Wars 2008-08-19
Animal Wars
best comic villain or horror villian 2008-08-15 (closed)
best comic villain or horror villian
Marvel vs DC vs Darkhorse 2008-08-06 (closed)
When the Hulk, Superman, and Hellboy all get pitted what could happen
Harry Potter (Series) VS Twilight (Series) 2008-08-04
Two female authors, two worldwide best sellers, two greatest thrills, two going to be films, what...
Best book of all time! 2008-08-02
Which book do you think is the best of all time!
Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics- Round 3 2008-07-26
the third round of superhero deathmatch
Valyrian Steel Product Line 2008-07-23
Which items would you like to see us make next? Longclaw will be first, and then Needle. Ice will...
Superhero Awards: Best Marvel Male Superhero 2008-07-22 (closed)
Superhero Awards: Best Marvel Male Superhero
Breaking Dawn poll 2008-07-22 (closed)
Breaking Dawn poll
batman characters FACE OFF(round 2) 2008-07-19
well we're on to round 2...