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Favorite Harry Potter Book 2007-08-04
Assuming you have read ALL seven of the Harry Potter Books, could you tell me which was tops in e...
Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force 2007-07-28
I want to know all you star wars fan's thoughts on this new series.
The Sub-mariner Mini-series 2007-07-25
What did you think about it?
Harry Potter characters 2007-07-23
So, who are your favourite and least favourite characters?
all comic herovillian fight 2007-07-22
who would win in a fight?
power fights 2007-07-03
even more super hero fights
Marvel vs Marvel 2007-06-25
Who is Mightier
A Clockwork Orange 2007-06-18
Screw Orwell, a few years ago Anthony Burgess penned the greatest dystopian novel ever (and argue...
who will die in harry potter 7 2007-06-18
harry potter and the deathly hallows is coming in july. this is a poll where you can vote on who ...
Xmen 2007-06-09
X fans take this quiz
Series of Unfortunate Events 2007-05-21
The Series 1-13
Compare Cognitive Tools 2007-05-16
I have two versions of chapters on Cognitive Tools. For those of you who are interested in this t...
How do you interpret things? 2007-05-10
The effective use of language can make or break the effectiveness of all forms of art. The purpos...
All polls regarding Harry Potter.
Midnighters 2007-05-08
About the book midnighters
snape good or evil? 2007-05-08
is snape good or evil
Stephanie Plum Series: Joe vs. Ranger? 2007-04-19
Which hero in the Stephanie Plum series would you like Stephanie to end up with?
Harry Potter 2007-04-13
It's about Harry Potter
Market Research 2007-04-09
Dear valued customer we are a year 12 business management class that is starting up a company ca...
robert muchamore 2007-04-09
ive read the robert muchamore series and would love to hear your thoughts on it
BookS 2007-04-09
Which of the famous books do you like? and does it matter on gender, if one book is more liked?
Marvel Superheroes!! 2007-04-07
Who is your Favorite Marvel Superhero?
BOOK 2007-04-03
~*~ The [i]Harry Potter[/i] books ~*~ 2007-03-25
Just some questions.
what do you like about comics 2007-03-17
my poll is about diffrent genres of comics, including how much money u will spend for a comic, lo...