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Favorite Pratchett Novel 2006-08-15
Voting list to see what is the most Read Pratchett novel
Three Great Fantasies! 2006-08-09
A popular fantasy of present day, harry potter, a popular modern classic, lord of the rings and a...
In a Superhero contest... 2006-07-26
Superman or Spiderman, who would you chose?
X-Men Training Matches 2006-07-26
Pic the winner in each battle
Which Super Hero Comic Book Character Do You Want to Be? 2006-07-24
Hi everyone, it's me, Tarah. In case you don't know, I've been chosen as next year's Daily Cardin...
Harry Potter vs Inheritance 2006-07-17
Most of you would have read both the books. If you haven't read both the series (upto what have b...
The Murder Mystery 2006-07-14
This poll is for those that read and enjoy murder mysteries, AKA the common "whodunit"...
Harry Potter Poll 2006-07-14
This is just a bunch of questions about Harry Potter
This is a vote between Harry Potter, Eragon, and The Ember Series. My personal favorite is the Em...
Which is your favorite Harry Potter point of veiw? 2006-07-13
I'm going to write (and try yo publish) a book whereit's from another point of veiw in Harry Pott...
The Ultimate Superhero Poll 2006-07-13
This poll is about everything superheroes.
Battle Between Harry Potter Characters 2006-07-10
Hey Harry Potter fans, here is a poll pitting the character against each other in fighting scenar...
Book 7 Death 2006-07-10
Who will die in the HP Book 7?
Harry potter vs Spiderman 2006-07-08
Magic or technology! fantasy or sci-fi! wizardry or science! wizard or a superhero! YOU DECIDE!!!
Who will die in Harry potter book 7? 2006-07-05
JKR says 2 major characters will die in book 7. Who will it be?
Superman vs juggernaut 2006-07-04
Who win in a battle?
Superhero Poll 2006-06-24
Choose the best answer.
Have you read any James Joyce? 2006-06-19
It's Bloomsday, and I'm curious.
Marvel vs. DC - Part 1 2006-06-11
Pick one of the two superheroes that is stronger.
Do you hate Harry Potter? 2006-06-10
I personally hate Harry Potter(and a large part of the books) and I want to know whether you hate...
Favorite Peanuts Character and Favorite Moments 2006-06-10
Everyone has a soft spot for Peanuts comic strips! Who is your favorite character and what are yo...
This or that (Marvel and DC) 2006-06-09
choose between heroes and then between Marvel and DC
Battle of the super beings 2006-06-09
Alot of super beings duke it out, who would win?
Maximum Ride!! 2006-06-07
I just wanted to see if anyone read the books.
My Favorite stuff Quiz 2006-05-13
This is my quiz on what you know and think about my favorite stuff.