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Who would win? 2006-02-15
Ever wonder which characters from whatever would win in a duel?
Your Favorite Narnia Book 2006-02-03
Which book was your favorite?
Who are your fave HP duo 2006-01-25
Pick your fave HP duo
The books you read . . . 2006-01-22
This poll is part of my statistics project. I want to find out what the most popular genre of bo...
The Remus Lupin Poll 2006-01-12
Do you think the harry potter charcter, Remus Lupin, seen in the movie harry potter and the priso...
The Clique Books 2006-01-12
Like vote!
who's read ERAGON by christopher paolini???? 2006-01-11
whoever reads ERAGON is cool!! whoever doesn't needs to read it!!^_^ i REALLY reccomend it!!!!!
Is Superman or Batman a better superhero? 2006-01-03
so what do you think?...if you had to choose one or the other which would it be??
marvel vs dc 2005-12-28
who is better in the comics company
Batman vs. James Bond 2005-12-26
The ultimate show down. Both have gadgets, both have plans, both would know each other's moves be...
Harry Potter 2005-12-24
The popular book series by J.K Rowling
Harry Potter 2005-12-09
General Harry Potter poll
ABARAT 2005-12-09
This is a poll on Clive Barker's book, Abarat. Why is this the first one that's been made???
Do you relate what you read to how you live? 2005-12-07
Have you ever read a book or a poem and thought, "Hey, I can really get into this....It is s...
Alice in Wonderland title 2005-11-24
A hard bit o' trivia
Which of the Marauders would you choose to marry? 2005-11-19
If you had a choice to undergo Holy Matrimony with one of the Marauders, who would it be?
Which is the best superhero-movie? 2005-11-18
Which movie is the best?
Proffessor Snape 2005-11-16
Good or Bad???
Harry Potter... 3 questions 2005-11-15
Hoping that you can provide the popular opinion on three questions I've been wondering about.
Where's Waldo vs. I Spy 2005-11-15
Your opinion on the search-and-find books.
Avengers versus X-Men 2005-11-09
Greatest Super Fight of All Time!
Best Dan Brown book 2005-11-09
Dan Brown; one of the most phenominal authors around...
Authors 2005-11-06
Hi!I'm seeing who likes which books and who hates books. please tell me more authors as I don't...
Best Book Ever Contest Round 8 2005-11-06
Which Book is the best?
The Essence of Good Writing 2005-10-25
What makes a writer good: his style, his vocab, sentence length, content, tone. Actually what ma...