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maximum ride vs harry potter 2006-12-10
im bored
Artemis Fowl - The Mastermind 2006-12-04
Compared to my brilliance, I know to make decisions in the smooth way. But, lately, I have grown ...
Whats your favorite magazine? 2006-12-02
just wondering whats your fav mag
Which one of my plot Idea's should become a book? 2006-11-28
I have some idea's for some books though I'm unsure which one to use.
Comic book Ideas 2006-11-10
what if we put a Marvel superhero in the DC universe or the other way around? what DC villain wou...
The Phantom And Alien showdown 2006-11-01
Here is the score: In a fight between Phantom and Alien who do you WANT to win?
Snape 2006-10-27
Cast your vote for the Harry Potter character; Snape
Fun poll! Family Duck! Take it! 2006-10-24
the family Duck!
Superpowers 2006-10-08
X men, Superman returns, Harry Potter. Movies with great magical qualities or incredible supernat...
Black Beauty 2006-09-25
Would you consider it a classic?
The Saga of Dune 2006-09-25
For all the lovers of Frank Herbert's classic Dune series and the expansion by Brian Herbert and ...
Superheroes-The Best Of The Best 2006-09-19
Make A Correct Choice
rad hero fights 2006-09-18
super fights that are really cool
WHAT YOU READ 2006-09-08
Super Superheroes Fight To The Death 2006-09-08
To Test Your Knowlegde About Your Superheroes. (Remember Some Superheores Don't Believe In Killi...
superhero mega fights 2006-08-29
greatest hereo fights
superhero showdown 2006-08-26
heros fight against each other
best spider-man 2006-08-26
great artist
The Belgariad 2006-08-24
I haven't seen any polls about these books which are amazing fantasy books so he is maybe one of ...
inheritance trilogy 2006-08-18
the inheritance trilogy
marvel zombie 2006-08-18
marvel zombie is a book were all marvel heros turn to zombies
cage match comicbook style 2006-08-18
these is just one quistion with some of the strongest people ever
Best Harry Potter Character 2006-08-17
Who do you find the best Harry Potter character? Not in terms of favorites, but which character d...
Superhero Showdown 2006-08-17
who would win in a fight
A Song of Ice and Fire Tournement 2006-08-17
I don't know how many ASoIaF fans there are out there but if you are one of them, take this pole....