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Superman 2006-05-10
This poll is about Superman
Superhero Battles 2006-05-09
This poll is designed to match some of the comic book world's most powerful superheroes against o...
BEST AUTHOR 2006-05-01
R.L. Stine? Matt Christopher? Jonathan Kellerman? Who is the best?
Best Grisham Book 2006-04-22
Do you like John Grisham? I sure do. Cast away for your favorite Grisham book.
Sex or no sex - that's the question 2006-04-19
In fiction, when it comes to sex, what do you like?
The Wind of Fire Trilogy 2006-04-17
A Poll about the books, which were wonderful, by the way.
super hero war 2006-04-17
my poll is about almost every superhero/villain i know of battaling each other,dont always go wit...
Harry Potter: Book - Film 2006-04-12
The Harry Potter books we all know and love (if you don't, why are you reading this?) have been m...
Dream Comic Book Battles 2006-04-04
This is some of the best comic book battles I could think of, Yes I know some of this battles hav...
Woleverine vs Batman 2006-04-04
Who would honestly win in a fight between these to famouse "anti" heros... Claws vs bra...
Who is your Favorite Comic Super Hero? 2006-03-31
Favorite Comic Superhero
spiderman vs batman, who would win? 2006-03-25
Who would win in a fight, spiderman, or batman?
Who is the best superhero? 2006-03-25
Taking into account powers abilities and weaknesses who is the best superhero?
Clay Shows/Movies 2006-03-25
A poll on claymation.
Strongest Superhero 2006-03-22
Who do you think wouod win in a fight to the finish? ALL factors are to be considered.
super hero battles 2006-03-21
hello,my poll is about super heros and super villains battaling each other alond with tv and vidi...
Wath do you read? 2006-03-15
How much you read?
Waldo, Captain Planet, or Carmen Sandiego 2006-03-12
I think the title is pretty self explanitory... I like them all but I must say captain planet is ...
Which books should be movies? 2006-03-07
All the great books are not movies. Yet!
Why would you read a book? 2006-03-04
Another piece of randomness from Challa's genius...
SONS AND LOVERS 2006-02-24
by DH Lawrence
HARRY POTTER 2006-02-22
Which superhero would win in a fight to the death? 2006-02-22
Classic superhero-vs-superhero battles. You decide the victors.
For girls that like slash fiction and/or yaoi 2006-02-22
Just what it says.
What are elves like? 2006-02-16
There are several completely different approaches concerning the character and nature of elves in...