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The Death of Captain America 2007-03-17
What do you think about it?
Comic subject ideas 2007-03-12
If you could have a very famous cartoon series, like Calvin and Hobbes, or the Farside, what woul...
is harry/his scar a horcrux? 2007-03-11
is harry/his scar a horcrux
Worst Harry Potter Book 2007-03-08
Whats the worst harry potter book so far?
Horror Novels 2007-03-01
This is a poll to see which of these horror novels you guys and gals have read. I've listed a lo...
Superman vs Batman vs Spiderman!!! 2007-02-28
3 amazing superheroes battle it out in this poll.
Will Harry die in Deathly Hallows? 2007-02-28
HP 7
Which place setting would you like better in a book? 2007-02-17
This is going to determine the novel I shall write next. =D
How many characrters would you like to read about in a book? 2007-02-17
This is going to determine the novel I shall write next. =D
YA 2007-02-13
A survey of teens and books, conducting for school.
Sherlock holems in comic 2007-02-11
I like comics and books and would like to see a comic series of sherlock holems
Superheroes 2007-02-11
This is just purely for fun.
War of the HEros 2007-02-11
Your favorite heros
whats your favorite fantasy book 2007-02-08
so what is it
Ron/Hermione ?? 2007-02-08
What do you think about Ron and Hermione?
Star Wars movies/novels 2007-02-05
Harry Potter vs LOTR vs Narnia vs Eragon 2007-01-23
Which of these 4 popular novels has the best story?
Book Seven Title! 2006-12-31
JKR.com has finally announced the title for the final Harry Potter book - 'Harry Potter and the D...
Superhero Poll 2006-12-31
This poll is about DC and Marvel comics superheroes, and which ones people like the most. Simple ...
The New Jedi Order 2006-12-27
Which is your favourite book, character, moment and so on...
the movers and shakers of the superhero universe 2006-12-24
this is gonna be a long one
Septimus Heap series 2006-12-21
This is a poll about the Septimus Heap series. (obviously.) It would be greatly appreciated if yo...
Superman vs. Thor vs. Hulk vs. Wonder Woman 2006-12-18
Who would win?
who are the masters of marvel? 2006-12-13
this is a poll to find out who are marvel's number one hero
superheros 2006-12-11
Who would win in these perilous fights?