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X-Men 3: Who's in it? 2004-09-25
Just curious.
Which X-Men character is your favorite? 2004-09-03
Don't take this seriously.
Books, books, books! 2004-08-13
A poll about books, reading, and other book related stuff!
X-men poll 2004-06-11
Like x-men you'll like this poll
Super Villians and Heros 2004-05-27
About Super villians and super heros and gyro rolls
Do You Think Censoring of Books is Fair? 2004-04-20
Please do this poll if you think people should stop censoring books for what they are and let the...
Comic 2004-04-02
Unworthy Hero
crime books 2004-03-30
do you like crime books? tell me what you like, and a book will be written JUST FOR YOU!
Crime books, what do you prefer 2004-03-30
This poll is to find out what is the most popular type of crime book, because i am planing to wri...
Best Comic 2004-03-26
Vote for the best comic.
Guestbook? 2004-03-24
this is about comic strip features in newspapers
X-MEN SHOWDOWN 2004-02-13
wrestling magazine 2004-02-04
which one!!
Should Superman be... 2004-01-28
Some of the wording isn't that great, but give it a try. Please vote only once!
books - your favourite, kids 2004-01-14
we need you to help us discover what books you like, and from the results, we should discover why...
X-MEN FANZ 2004-01-13
X-men rules dou agree?
80's X-MEN 2004-01-09
Hey, do you like the X-Men from the old 80's show??
Book oscars 2003-12-23
This is to find out who likes what in a book.
X-Men Vs. DragonballZ 2003-12-16
Who is #1? in a battle between characters from X-Men versus characters from Dragonball-Z, who do ...
Perfect X-Men Team 2003-12-12
What X-Men Line Up is the best???
X-MEN 2003-12-08
Who is your favorite member of the orginal team??
Favorite Lord of the Rings Book 2003-11-11
Which Lord of the Rings book did you enjoy the most?
Which Harry Potter book is your favourite? 2003-10-28
You must have read all of the Harry Potter books to to this poll. The movies don't count, this po...
The Best Harry Potter Book (so far) 2003-10-28
I created this poll because I think it would be interesting to see what people choose as their fa...