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Controversy / Morality


Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American women only 2008-12-19
I would like know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
Ways to overcome shyness about bare feet 2009-09-02
Hi, I am a girl with a problem. I feel shy about my bare feet. It doesn't have a specific reason ...
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? 2015-05-04
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? Just once. Be a cannibal...
Physician Assisted Suicide 2016-10-05
Physician Assisted Suicide
Public Breast Freedom 2003-05-01
top and bra freedom for women in public in western society america
Judicial Execution 2006-10-07
What form of Judicial Execution do you prefer?
Punishment for msturbation 2014-01-06
Even after warnings, his promises, boy(14) continue with masturbation. He must to be punished. Yo...
Attitudes toward equal nudity in media? 2015-12-07
gaining an understanding of peoples attitudes towards equal portrayal nude bodies of men and wome...
Should boys of school age receive medication to control their sexual urges ? 2009-07-21
There is concern in the UK, USA and other countries about teenagers having sex too young. In part...
Punishment of children 2001-09-15
please take this poll and teel me how you were punished and what you would do to your children.
Equal Rights for Uniforms 2002-07-09
At most schools boys have to wear trousers, and girls can wear trousers, shorts, skirts or dresse...
"Clothing Optional" 2004-10-11
IF clothing became optional anyplace at anytime , would you take your clothes off or leave them ...
subway grinding 2008-05-16
FOR WOMEN ONLY: Almost every female city dweller who's commuted by subway has at some point had t...
Christian boys and masturbation 2009-07-15
This poll is for Christian Teens to ask about their opinions of the "BIG M" word.
Girls Or Boys? 2013-03-25
How should the world be?
Minimum Age for Babysitters 2014-02-07
Minimum Age for Babysitters
Bicycle Collision 2017-09-26
This is for research I am doing. Supposing you were a pedestrian and a cyclist (bicycle) colli...
Elementary School Girl Clothes 2001-08-16
There is currently a controversy between some parents and their young daughters about what they s...
Your Execution 2003-03-28
If you have a death penalty, there's always a tiny chance that an innocent person could be execut...
Birching of female offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for fema...
Chemical Castration 2004-10-04
Is chemical castration a just option for sex offenders?
Child Maturity and Today's Society 2001-11-09
This is a series of questions dealing with what children should or should not be allowed to do at...
The Marriageable Age 2004-08-29
I have often wondered about the public's opinion about the age teenagers and adults may legally m...
Social status of virgin 2004-09-13
I'm a virgin (point, laugh, giggle). I'm wondering what others think about someone being a teen ...
Topfreedom 2016-07-22