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Controversy / Morality


Self-Injury 2005-11-21
Mostly for self-injurers. Please use the Talk about section. Any extra comments would be apprecia...
Teen boys: Are you afraid to complain about your circumcision? 2008-07-05
Teen boys: Are you afraid to complain about your circumcision?
Which things would you do nude if you could? 2009-12-14
The title is self-explanitiry.
How exhibitionistic are you? 2005-11-01
How exhibitionistic are you?
Kids barefoot in public 2009-05-31
Do you let your kids go barefoot to these places?
Does petticoating reallly happen? Spanked too? 2001-09-26
I've heard of petticoating as a form of disciplining boys. Is this fantacy or does this really h...
Girls, does it offend you to see a guy peeing in public? 2003-06-13
Girls, it's no secret that it's easier and faster for men to pee than women and that because of t...
What Should Women And Girls Wear? 2005-04-24
This poll is for what you think is proper for girls to wear. The Eastern World critisizes the We...
Executions For What? 2002-03-08
This is a poll about executions - and how they ought to be conducted.
Punishment : Which Is Better? 2002-09-04
This is for KIDS/TEENS ONLY! To see which punishment they'd rather.
Pajamas and sleepwear - Guys Under 18 Only Please 2008-07-24
Just wondering what you guys wear as sleepwear.
Some questions for guys 2011-03-22
This poll is NOT meant with the implication that either option is better; rather, it's meant mere...
Your Beliefs On The Role Of Women In Society 2015-11-18
Your Beliefs On The Role Of Women In Society
12-year-old sex: Who's to blame? 2004-09-08
<p><font size=5>A few months ago, a judge freed an 18-year-old boy charged with havin...
Testicular/Prostate Exam 2007-07-03
I read an article the other day that surprised me and got me thinking. The article was from a me...
Shortalls 2008-06-19
I like my son to wear shortalls at home which my wife makes. As he's a teenager I realise they'r...
Wearing a straitjacket 2016-08-13
Do you wear straitjacket? Do you like straitjacket? Where do you usually wear straitjacket? Wh...
bdsm survey 2016-08-22
For anyone who doesn`t know what the term BDSM means hear is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
How strict are your parents? Teenage guys 2006-05-06
All boys mess up sometimes. And get punished. But how cool are your parents. And what do they do
Are None spanking punishments more cruel to children? 2012-06-01
No child wants to be spanked, but then noone wants to be punished at all. Many children are not a...
Reasons You Might Take Off Your Clothes in Public ? 2004-02-23
Most people wouldn't normally get fully or part naked in public What kind of reasons or circum...
People who used to have corporal punishment in school. 2010-02-20
There are many kinds of corporal punishment used in school. It is up to country, religous, cultur...
Airport Security and Kids5 2014-12-16
Some parents have informed me that their children were subjected to skin-to-skin pat downs at air...
Evidence in harassment cases 2015-09-14
The increasing number of cases where men sexually harass women reqire new laws and much harsher p...
date rape poll 2006-03-10
this is created to test and see what myths about date rape are still belived today.