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Controversy / Morality


Your views on self spanking 2009-08-03
I was just wondering what you thought of the art of spanking ;)
Sexual inequality in Execution (historical) 2011-12-29
I have already made a poll concerning the sexual inequality in corporal punishment. This poll can...
Blackmailing 2001-09-22
Most people have been blackmailed at some point in their life, tell others about your experience.
Castration of sex offneders 2002-07-06
There's a big stink over castration of sex offenders. I want to know others opinions.
Males only: Are you happy with your circumcision / foreskin status? intact / cut 2008-02-08
Males only: Are you happy with your circumcision / foreskin status? intact / cut
Paddle 2013-02-11
Best way to paddle, read you;ll get it.
Mandatory Minumum Potty-Training Age. 2017-08-09
Should there be a law to dictate how old someone would be before they can be potty trained.
In-Depth Study of Men in Womens Clothing 2011-12-28
This is an attempt at a mostly-inclusive study of men who wear womens clothing regardless of the ...
Would you hire a babysitter who smokes? 2012-02-13
If a babysitter is experienced, in her mid to late teens, good with kids, well recommended by a f...
MALE RAPE! 2001-11-29
I'm a normal 15 year old male. I don't turn down sex if I'm offered although I've only done it tw...
Pool Etiquette - males and females 2016-05-28
What do you consider good/bad manners in a pool? Males: Answer only the male-directed question...
Lust, Sex and Nudity 2004-10-23
This poll assumes you have reached puberty and are legally allowed to engage in sex where you liv...
My dad spanked me for being gay. 2012-04-02
I was at my house, with my boyfriend, and we were just kissing and cuddling, and my dad came home...
Repopulating the earth. 2014-04-14
This is an early follow up to my "When would you teach your kids about sex poll?" Many ...
Do you know your place? 2015-11-16
Respect has drastically decreased in this day and age. Obedience is crucial in this society, but ...
Are Parents Too Afraid To Spank? 2008-07-22
Not too long ago parents were not afraid to spank their kids. Now they think twice because some...
i am going to start being given spankings 2010-11-07
i am a 14 y/o boy and i am moving into my brothers and his wife's house (i might explain if someo...
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention 2012-02-09
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
The Rape Poll! 2001-10-06
" In a study of 2000 Rhode Island 6th and 9th graders two-thirds of the boys and half of the...
Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American men only 2008-12-19
I would like to know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
AP English Gender Final 2017-03-16
Please take a few moments to answer these questions for my AP English gender final.
nudity oppinions 2009-11-04
nudity oppinions
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness. 2013-05-13
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness.
Is this a fitting punishment? 2008-04-21
I recently read a case which took place back in the 1970's. A man who had been raping and tortur...
Telling kids what not to do 2010-11-07
I am a parent myself and I realise that telling kids what <U>not to do</U> without ex...