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Controversy / Morality


Sibling Encounters 2001-11-13
seeing your sibling naked
Relationship with your teacher. 2005-12-31
This poll is about relationships with teachers that go beyond the conventional dynamics of teache...
Is Slavery still relivant for the benefit of human society today? 2011-06-13
This poll has been compiled to determine the individual citizens personal perspective about moder...
Females: do you really believe these signs / adverts should be banned? 2016-10-13
This one - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/sexist-bathroom-signs_uk_57ea3ea1e4b0e315f281491...
Prostitution 2006-02-12
Views on the oldest profession
The Woman's Role 2006-12-28
For a while my wife and I hung out with people who have a real "Little House on the Prarie&q...
Gym shower 2008-07-24
Gym shower
Which do you think is more harmful for a child to see? 2012-07-23
I'm making this poll after a mass murder and this is in the news.
Guys kissing guys 2001-07-29
How many STRAIGHT guys have ever kissed another STRAIGHT male?
Sexual Abuse Poll 2007-05-02
Opinion poll concerning sexual abuse.
Prison rape 2014-04-21
This is a issue not often talked about
Would you date your cousin? 2001-09-25
What are your beliefs on cousin relationships?
Men's Skirts 2003-05-20
Should men and boys have the same clothing choices women have?
How Old Is Old Enough 2004-11-11
For age based laws and other responsibilities--how old should a person be. Average ages will be ...
Should urinals be removed from public men's restrooms? 2007-05-10
There was a poll made already about this subject but it was grossly biased. Here is a simular...
Prostitution 2008-01-25
Should prostitution be legalized? Split in 4. women 0-21 and 22+. Same for men.
Smoking 2014-04-21
Naturism 2014-05-19
Have you tried naturism or wondered what people really think about it?
Should Males be allowed to wear panties and pantyhose 2001-11-27
Interrested in male and female opinions on males wearing panties and pantyhose
I am distgusted by women who breastfeed in public, in church, in grocery store, and in any place ...
Did I do the right thing? 2008-05-03
When my daughters were young and I was a single dad, we got into nudism for a while. Because of m...
The Problems With Feminism 2013-10-14
What the liberal media are doing to brainwash our young women.
If you could switch bodies with, or "possess" the body of another person... 2016-03-01
I sometimes daydream about being a different person (as in being in another body with a different...
Naked in Public 2006-04-04
Every June in Seattle they hold the Fremont Solstice Parade. The main attraction has become the n...
Is it cool to be lesbian 2007-10-15
Over the last few years, I have the impression that lesbianism is more and more a topic for publi...