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Controversy / Morality


Are police shootings of minority groups a problem or not? 2016-03-08
For a school research project I am surveying public opinion of the controversy that has been all ...
child pornography 2003-02-27
this poll is to get your view on chid pornography
Corporal Punishment in Christian Schools (Part 2) 2010-01-14
This is a poll for persons that have received corporal punishment at a Christian school. This is ...
Women who witness or who bring thier sons/boys into the women's locker room 2010-09-12
This poll is for women whow either bring thier son/boy into the women's locker room. Or for wome...
Spanking Damage 2016-05-08
Spanking Damage
Child Discipline Methods 2014-01-27
Seeking to find the popular opinion on modern child discipline and what people believe in and thi...
Should infant circumcision be outlawed? 2012-02-27
Should infant circumcision be outlawed?
Catholic Boys & Men and Masturbation 2014-04-28
This poll is about what Catholic boys and men know about the church teaching on masturbation and ...
Cleaning woman 2015-12-16
Women and girls cleaning
Legal age of consent for sex 2005-01-25
The legal age of consent for sex varies from country to country (or from state to state in the US...
Sluts / morality 2013-12-17
A poll about sluts and moral behavior
Should kids be spanked at 13? 2009-10-17
I'm 13 and I think I'm to old to be smacked Until yesterday I hadn't been smacked since I was ...
Looking around the net I realized a lot of people loves humiliation and embarassement either on t...
Would you want to be surgically neutered? 2004-12-02
I started a campaign last year which aims to bring about a ban on spaying and castrating animals ...
Why do some guys hang around the locker room naked? 2010-04-04
Some guys think that all guys should cover themselves as much as possible in the locker room and ...
Male Circumcision 2014-02-25
A poll to determine people's attitudes towards routine male circumcision.
Corporal Punishment Given From Parents To Child 2015-12-09
Corporal Punishment Given From Parents To Child
Babysitting Help 2007-08-04
I have been babysitting for this new family in my neighborhood. Their kids are ages 3, 5, 6, 9, a...
Cigarette smoking while changing diapers. 2007-12-16
I am a smoker, single mother of 5, and have changed hundreds of diapers while smoking a cigarette.
Law of female chastity. 2017-07-27
Would you vote for a law to make it so all girls and women have to be locked in chastity?
Married women: Would you barter sex for goods and services? 2015-12-02
Sex bartering has been around for thousands of years. What are your limits?
teen pregnancy 2006-09-19
hello im 15 years old and i have a 2 yr old kid Leo. ive only had sex once at 13 and that is when...
Spanking Teen 2011-06-08
I am wondering how many other teens are still spanked and how hard it is
Self defense or abuse? 2014-11-24
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
New acceptance coming? 2013-03-11
Now that gay marriage is widely accepted, do you think pedophilia will be legalized as well?