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Controversy / Morality


Mouth Washed Out with Soap 2015-03-23
Mouth Washed Out with Soap
SWINGING 2004-07-10
This poll is for people who are married only. Have you or would you invite other people to share ...
Select my punishment for being a piggy 2016-09-22
I'm a man and I must be punished for not cleaning anything at home for 2 weeks and also threw gar...
A day for speedos at the beach 2004-07-21
Hi boys, it's awsome how many of you straight guys want to wear their speedos in public. It seems...
Is it cool to Masturbate as a Christian 2008-03-31
Is it cool to Masturbate as a Christian
Females only: Should locker rooms be unisex? 2015-11-29
Females only: Should locker rooms be unisex?
Do you pee in the shower? 2001-11-13
How many of you pee while taking a shower?
advice about panties needed 2002-04-09
I am a male whom wears panties. I don't think I should have to hide that fact.
Forcibly Chastising Teen boys? 2007-12-13
short simple poll should we forcibly chastise teen boys to stop excessive masturbating and adoles...
Males only: Should locker rooms be unisex? 2015-11-29
Males only: Should locker rooms be unisex?
Judicial CP 2010-05-17
A poll about CP - Corporal Punishment - in the judicial system Maybe thiskind of punishment can ...
What is the oldest age it's appropiate to spank a child? 2014-02-25
What is the oldest age it's appropiate to spank a child?
Voluntary Slavery 2003-04-11
We want to see how the general population feels about voluntary enslavement.
Assault or justice? 2014-06-23
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
Are you in favor of gun restriction laws?? 2016-08-18
<img src=https://s4.postimg.org/ha22xt3tp/gdr_vs_gunlaws.jpg/>
Does "GAY CONVERSION THERAPY" works? 2016-08-18
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/ue2crwlar/Conversion_Therapy_cartoon.png/>
Fashion Freedom for Men 2003-07-16
Poll after poll seems to show that people think men should be free to wear some women's fashions....
MOMS ONLY: about your boys... 2002-09-12
Mom’s, please take a moment to share your thoughts on where we should allow our boys to go pee. ...
boys in the women's locker room 2006-12-27
this is a poll for anyone who has been embarrassed by mothers bringing their boys into the women'...
The effectiveness of spanking as a punishment 2015-02-09
Throughout this poll spanking is taken to mean corporal punishment that is somewhat premeditated ...
Women: Under what conditions would you accept a stranger's proposition? 2016-08-24
A stranger approaches you on the street and propositions you. Under what circumstances would you...
Legal Nude Beaches 2001-11-09
This poll is to assess the general public's attitude to legal nude beaches
Forced feminisation (Men only) 2009-06-05
As a child, as punishment I was made to wear my sisters skirts, knickers, dresses, stockings etc....
Rules for Wife 2005-08-28
I have some basic rules that my wife has to follow. They are designed to remind her of my leaders...