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Current Events


legitimate rape 2012-08-21
how do you fell about the crime of rape and the political opinion of Todd Akin the tea party sen...
Obesity in America 2012-11-26
Does Christmas Suck This Year 2005-12-28
Poverty Poll 2006-02-24
A quick 10 question poll about poverty, its effects, and what should be done about it.
Favorite Colors 2006-05-04
What is your favorite color?
Innovation in Fashion 2010-03-28 (closed)
Innovation in Fashion
Boycott The Beijing Olympics 2008-03-28 (closed)
In light of the escalating occupation of and human rights abuses in Tibet, it general appauling r...
Drinking Age 2009-12-23
Lower the drinking age!
What is your Christmas like? 2011-12-05 (closed)
What are you doing in the month of December? Maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas. Please tak...
2008 Presidential Election 2008-08-25 (closed)
asking about who people think will most likely win
Favourite countries of the world? 2009-09-07
Favourite countries of the world?
abortion poll 2010-01-14
pro life or pro choice?
Best President 2010-07-15 (closed)
Who is the best President.
Airport Security 2007-12-23
Airport Security
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana? 2009-06-17
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana?
Views on different nationalities 2007-07-20
A poll to explore what certain nationalities think of others
Overcrowded Prisons 2011-07-14
How Should California comply with a Supreme Court decision to reduce its overcrowded prison popul...
WWE Wrestlemania XXX Predictions 2014-03-27
Wrestlemania 30 is April 6, 2014 take this poll and join the discussion of Old School Wrestling o...
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service? 2009-03-02
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service?
Burberry 2009-11-22 (closed)
Burberry's Re-Branding
Favourite Planet Poll 2011-09-09
Which planet in our Solar System (Pluto included) is your favourite?
Gunge for Cancer Research 2011-08-13
Carrie vs Rachel
Polygamists in Texas 2008-05-24
Which of the following is closest to your opinion regarding the recent removal by Texas authoriti...
London Olympics 2012 2011-02-10
London Olympics 2012
People of the World 2006-07-28
This is a simple poll to learn about the people of the world.