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Current Events


Immigrants 2009-02-10
I'm writing part of a book as an English project in college, and I need a source besides books, i...
Who will you vote for? 2011-11-08
Out of all the 2012 Presidential Candidates which would you vote for?
ANWR Drilling 2010-10-16 (closed)
ANWR Drilling
Do you support the Impeachment of Cheney 2007-11-17
Impeachment Articles Against Cheney were introduced in Congress that stated: That despite all evi...
Why are IRAQI being raped? 2008-01-21
The US Army is raping IRAQI people. Now their pictures are also being released on payed net webs...
Which doctor do you choose? 2009-07-25
Which doctor do you choose?
Australian Flag 2010-05-02
Your opinion on our flag
MIss World favourites 2005-11-15
Choosing a Favourite for Miss world 2005
HIV/AIDS 2007-12-06
Handbanner for Shinee World Concert 2011 in Singapore 2011-08-08 (closed)
Handbanner for Shinee World Concert 2011 in Singapore
Lack Of Funding For Education 2005-05-27
This is to see how people are affected by funding towards schools nation wide.
Ground Zero 2007-07-03
Lets face it, the views of what should be built at Ground Zero are mixed. The most prominent posi...
abortion debate 2010-01-14
make it illegal
Was the snow too much? 2011-02-10
Was the snow too much this year or too little?
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? 2016-12-06
About the Christmas debate
2008 should-have-been president 2008-06-13 (closed)
Which candidate do you believe SHOULD have become the next president?
Should Obama legalize weed 2009-03-22 (closed)
Should Obama legalize weed
Homosexual elephant in Polish zoo 2009-04-11
In Poland, a homosexual elephant has caused controversy, with politicians speaking out on the mat...
Alexander McQueen 2009-11-22 (closed)
L'Enfant Terrible?
Public Transit 2010-09-12 (closed)
I am working on a paper regarding public transportation. Please help me out!
Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling 2011-10-18
Do you agree with the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that said that the Westboro Baptist Church's Firs...
legalizing marijuana for medical purposes 2010-01-14
legalizing marijuana for medical purposes
Are The USA Bullies? 2007-04-09
The USA think they can rule the world but are they bullies?
Animal Environmental Awareness 2007-12-20 (closed)
This is a poll i am conducting for a school project. I would greatly apprectiate your participati...
The Continent of America 2008-11-16
The state of the continent of America and why it is the way it it