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Current Events


Smoking Ban 2008-10-06
Are you for or against a smoke free city?
Solar Panel Questionnaire 2011-08-15
I'm doing an Essay in school based on Solar power and i need some research results. Thank you for...
Renewable Energy and Climate Change 2009-12-26
Climate change has captured the headlines, and governments around the world have responded with h...
Girls vs boys 2015-06-21 (closed)
Girls vs boys
Global Warming? 2008-05-22 (closed)
What do you think about global warming?
Who will win: Obama or McCain? 2008-10-20
title says all. bums you expect me to tell you what "Who will win: Obama or McCain?" ...
Climate Change 2017-01-27
Climate Change
Bicycles 2007-12-06
DO you think bicycles will be used more with the higher gas prices
dodge ram vs ford vs chevy trucks 2012-06-19
which trucks are better overall
Baltic Sea Object Nickname 2012-06-25
We are taking votes to create an "unofficial nickname" for the Baltic Sea Anomaly which...
Take my Norwood Survey 2007-03-13
Since I haven't really done anything outside the town of Norwood since I graduated High School, I...
Police searches 2007-09-15
Have you been "stopped and searched"? does it happen all the time, Why?
What do you fear most? (climate change, economic crises, meteorite impacts etc.) 2009-12-08
Which of the following do you fear the most?
Palin 2012 2008-11-14
Palin 2012
What is your perspective on the War in Iraq 2009-11-23
This is a comprehensive poll for my Sociology Final. Please answer all questions to the best of y...
North Korea vs US 2006-07-10
North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territor...
Creation, evolution or both ? 2010-02-05
Creation, evolution or both ?
Environmental Survey 2014-04-07 (closed)
Please answer these questions about the environment. Thanks!
Immigration debate 2010-01-11
stricter controls for immigration
GPS Tracking 2008-10-06
The Police some times use GPS tracking devices to track suspect's Vehicles during an investigation.
Attitudes towards Broadband in America 2010-06-16 (closed)
Generally, a broadband internet connection is defined as a significantly faster connection than ...
Oil Depletion 2008-01-31
What do you think of the world's current fossil fuel usage? Are we doomed as demand for oil goes ...
Gay & Lesbian Retailers 2009-05-14
What are your favourite high street retailers? (GLBT only please)
abortion? 2010-01-14
Classical Music Radio in St. Louis 2010-05-29 (closed)
This poll seeks public input regarding what should be done about the classical music format on th...