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Polishing fingernails 2006-12-14
Women manicuring their their fingernails
Best Cars of the world. 2005-11-07
A "little" poll about cars.
The Doll Poll! 2007-03-13
This is a poll for people who love dolls and love to play with them and collect them.
Car poll 2008-11-26 (closed)
this is for a school project and i have to poll about 100 ppl bothe females and males
Wetting Poll 2013-11-25
Like to hold your pee? That`s the poll for you
Men Forceed To Wear Feminine Clothes. 2013-04-29
My wife started making me wear female underwear, bra and panties. I now wear female clothing all ...
The Best cars 2004-11-07
Hi! I want to know what people think are the best cars in the world.
What is your favourite old town in Europe? 2008-01-02
A poll to get an idea of what is everyone's favourite European old town.
Cool Stuff-Lame stuff 2006-05-15
This is all about what you do in your free time
Tights vs. Socks 2009-01-21
Tights vs. Socks. what do you more prefer for competition?
Superhero dream Team 2006-08-19
If you could choose any 6 superheroes to be in your drem team who would they be:
Airbus or Boeing 2008-06-09
Choose which plane you'd prefer to fly in. If you don't know what these planes are, please don't ...
Honda Accord vs Mitsubishi Eclipse 2005-11-07
So, I'm trying to find out which car you think is better out of these two choices.
What was your worst tickling experience? (Girls only) 2009-08-31
here you can tell me your worst experience of being tickled.
How would you tickle me? 2010-01-14
I'm a 15 year old guy who loves to tickle and be tickled. Although I am VERY ticklish! So how wo...
Vape Lyfe 2017-01-27
It is about vape and how students feel about it
Travel Destination 2009-02-04
Travel Destination
Rename my store! 2009-07-30 (closed)
Rename my store!
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 2012-09-14
A poll about Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Boys who take off shoes in school 2014-10-26
Boys who take off shoes in school
Hello. This is a survey about languages, their use nowadays and their importance. Thank you in ...
UK's best theme park 2008-05-24
UK's best theme park
Polar Bear Dip - Guys Only 2008-06-09
Okay guys, here is your chance to share your experiance. If you are a female, please take my fem...
Torturing Barbie Dolls 2008-06-22 (closed)
Do you pretend to torture your Barbies?