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Naked activities 2010-02-16
Naked activities
vberkvlt skateboards 2010-10-04
<img src="http://www.vberkvlt.com/pages/images/584.jpg" width="95%"> P...
french maid bet 2012-03-14
i lost a bet with my gf now she gets to put me in a french maid outfit and give me a wedgie?
Squishing animals 2008-12-31
This poll is for girls who like to squish,stomp,crush animals. Please be earnest und post your ex...
Best Ponies of all time 2005-08-29
Vote for who you think are the best ponies of all time
feederism 2005-08-10
let's see what you think of the cult of obesity that seems to be so very popular
Fishing Efficency 2012-11-07
This is for a school project and involves questions involving the efficency of today's fishing te...
Keeping kids in restraints (harness, bed-restraints...) 2016-04-23
If you are keeping your kid(s) in restraints: what kind of restraints do you use and how often do...
Girls driving without seatbelts are sexy? 2014-01-20
Do you like to see a Girl driving a car without wearing a seatbelt? What are the reasons? Is it ...
Which countries have you been to? 2008-08-12
Which countries have you been to?
VW bug model kits 2007-05-24
Which is your favorite 1/24-1/25 scale model kit of the classic rear-engine VW beetle?
stepMother/stepSon Spanking Poll part2 2015-03-02
This is a poll for stepmothers who spank their stepsons and stepsons who are spanked by their ste...
Barefoot bliss 2010-12-28
I have recently discovered how much I enjoy walking without shoes, but I do not do it as often as...
Trampoline 2010-02-16
What should i wear on the trampoline?
Gotta pee??? TAKE THIS!!!! 2014-02-19
I dare you to take it....
crossressig 2009-05-28
ok im a 14 year old guy and i enjoy wearing girls clothing.I have nevertold anyoneut rcnlymy mom ...
Tickle survey 2012-05-07
Girls only
Make you pee yourself 2015-02-09
Do this poll if you need to pee and I bet you'll pee your pants.
Gay Experience 2015-05-04
Have you ever had gay sex or any other sex?
sockfooting 2007-09-02
I'm a 23 year old male that love going around in just his socks. I see plenty of barefooters whe...
Arresting ME 2012-01-04
im 20, athletic male
Best looking flag 2005-09-02
What country has/had the best looking flag?
Your Car and Personality 2008-04-09
Does your car say something about who you are as a person? Does what you drive reflect what you p...
Naked 2010-06-07
Stats Project 2014-03-27
This poll is by Maddie and Mercedes and it needs a minimum of eighty responses. Please take our p...