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Boys going barefoot 2011-01-10
A poll about boys who like going barefoot
Sovr: Your preferences. Your destinations. Your trips. 2008-10-14
Visit us at www.sovr.org!
New years wet and mesyy 2013-01-03
wondering if i should wet or mess my self aka piss or poop mysdelf for newyears
What's The Best Guitar 2005-06-16
What are the best guitars based on features, brand quality, playability, etc.
the best poll ever 2005-08-08
the best poll ever
Guys Mooning 2010-07-16
Guys Mooning
Boys Barefoot Friends House 2015-05-19
Large Vegas-style casino in Wendover, Nevada? 2008-04-14 (closed)
We are in the first stages of planning and development of a large 2,000+ room resort & casino...
Tied up! 2014-08-18
Ever been tied up? By a friend, sister, brother, or yourself?
Washing the car 2004-07-20
This poll was created to find out how people wash their cars, what they wear when they're washing...
Washing the Car - Females Only 2005-05-31
I'd like to hear from Females and find out what they wear when they're washing the car, if they w...
Wedgie master or slave with kik 2013-08-26
Wedgie master or slave with kik
Attracting boys to ballet classes 2006-10-08
I take ballet classes but am concerned at how few boys learn ballet.Why is this?
Girl sleepwear 2014-12-17
What do you gals wear at night?
Girls vs Guys 2011-09-09
Who would win in wrestling?
Umbraphillic Esoterica 2014-09-23
This anonymous survey is being taken to inform "eclipse chaser" demographics with stati...
Gunge fun for a good friend's birthday! 2009-05-22
I am a 23 year old girl who is going to take 21 year old male friend for a gunge sesison at the f...
What are you think about gagging 2009-10-28 (closed)
The pleasures of walking barefoot 2010-12-28
I have recently discovered how enjoyable it can be to walk barefoot, and I am curious to find out...
RICERS vs MUSCLE CARS 2008-09-01
OK teens and young adults! Because of the somewhat STUPID movie "Fast and Furious", an...
Cold for Beauty? 2010-06-01
Cold for Beauty?
Soaking your sneakers 2007-06-10
Ever since I was a kid, I always loved getting wet in my shoes and socks. Just wondering who els...
Schoolgirls 2015-03-23
Schoolgirls and their daily stuffs
Car trouble (girls only) 2004-03-24
This poll is to find out what women think about hard starting cars.
guy stuff ( DUDES ONLY) 2010-02-04
guy stuff ( DUDES ONLY)