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sex not in the bedroom 2014-03-31
Where have you had sex not counting the bedroom
would you or wouldn't you? 2008-10-01
would you or wouldn't you?
Tickling me 2017-03-08
How would you tickle me? I am 28,Male
How many dishes do you recommend that we register for? 2009-05-28
We are in our mid-30's, getting married in October, and we would like advice on how many sets of ...
What outfit to wear to be gunged in 2014-11-17
What outfit should i be gunged in whilst wearing.
barefoot activities 2010-02-16 (closed)
barefoot activities
Which job would your rather have? 2005-08-29
What job would you like?
What's your hobby? 2007-09-15
<b><p> Tell us what you like to do when you are not earning or preparing to earn a l...
Boy Scouts 2009-08-03
Are you in Boy Scouts
Burping and being sexy (girls only) 2013-04-22
Hi! I'm a 19 years old girl and I feel really hot and sexy when I rip huge and deep belches... es...
Tekken Girls 2014-12-04
Who's your favorite female fighter of Tekken ?
GTA San Andreas 2006-02-26
Questions about the best video game ever
Topfree 2011-01-10
The long boy scout poll 2006-05-15
This boy scout poll is to test your knowledge about what boy scouting is truly about. Items inclu...
The Ultimate Speedsolving Survey 2009-08-24
Ever heard of speedsolving? No? Well, speedsolving is the art of solving a puzzle as fast as huma...
Tons O Tickling 2011-05-28 (closed)
Just to find out who is ticklish :)
Dream Cars 2004-03-30
Your absolute dream car.
Tekken 7 2013-05-13
Who must return for Tekken 7 ?
Girls - Arm Wrestling, Biceps & Hands 2014-01-27
If you have made the same experiences with girls like me during puberty and until today, please l...
What Pimpin car should I get? 2004-08-28
I'm a very popular high school guy and my parents are forcing to get me a car, but don't know wha...
Do you like dragons? 2006-04-26
Yes or no
Your Interests 2012-06-01
How interesting or fun do you find these subjects?
Make-up, How do you feel about wearing it? 2007-04-09
This is a poll for an article I'm writing. I need statitics for if you wear make-up, why and your...
Webkinz 2007-07-20
A poll to see how popular webkinz are
Boy Scouts 2008-07-02
Anyone who was or still is a Boy Scout may vote.