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Miss Universal World 2011 - People Choice 2011-02-01 (closed)
Vote your top 3 candidates
Girls and Belching/Burping. 2007-10-09
Well, as a girl myself, I want to know the habits of other girls(I am a belcher and proud of it)....
Lower Back Tattoos on Men 2006-05-03
The last time I tried this people overloaded and unbalanced the numbers on purpose. Also, commen...
Masturbation Poll [BOYS ONLY] 2013-12-17
Poll about wanking, jerking, masturbating. whatever you call it. For all ages!!
This poll is about your opinions on martial arts and other fighting styles
(guys only) flip flops 2006-03-12
Hi guys, this is a poll about flip flops
castration for fun 2014-03-17
Basically if given the chance how would you castrate a man
Wedgies 2006-10-27
I would like to know what you think of wedgies
BRAWL!!!!!! (who would win in a fight) 2006-10-04
This thread is dedicated to all you combat nuts out there who love to see a good fight (choose wh...
Are you ever too old for LEGO 2011-07-21 (closed)
my mum and dad are telling me to grow out of LEGO (i'm 13)
Wedgie dares 2012-03-14
If I were to get three Wedgies what should I get?
boys in girl clothes 2009-06-03
boys in girl clothes
Bday partys BOYS ONLY 2006-03-12
Hey this is PunkPrincess and I am about to have my Bday party. since this is the first year im al...
Tickling Female Singers Part 1 2009-08-15
my first poll on tickling! This one is all about female singers If you like this, then look o...
gunge encounters(for girls only) 2009-09-29
This poll is for girls only so please do not answer if you are a boy!
ever wet your pants 2009-08-03
ever wet your pants
diapers 2014-04-07
MALES mixed wrestling 2007-05-18
mixed wrestling poll for males
Boys in ballet 2008-07-01
Boys in ballet are usually wearing something that resembles a one-piece bathing suit with tights....
bare feet in a drama group 2009-08-27 (closed)
Hi there, I'm Nefeli, 19 years old girl, from Europe. My problem is that I am very shy about ...
SCA Holiday Contest 2009-12-20 (closed)
Scale Crawler Alliance presents the first ever SCA Holiday Video Contest! ------- It's the Battl...
Worst prank Pulled On U 2006-01-05
What is the worst pranks some1 has pulled on u, or u on them?
skinnydipping 2006-12-02
Ever enjoy nude swims with the family in a pool,c/o beach,ocean or a river?
McLaren F1 vs. Indy car 2004-08-10
Two cars competing for the highest top speed.
Who is your favourite talkSPORT presenter of all time 2011-05-26 (closed)
Who is your favourite talkSPORT presenter of all time