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If you had to choose 2012-03-15
If you had to choose
best job 2005-05-27
check the job you would most like to have
The NEW FRONTIER Action Figure Expansion Poll 2007-04-21
This is a poll to pick characters to expand the current line of DC: New Frontier action figures b...
What is better Ferrari or Lamborghini 2009-04-09
What is better Ferrari or Lamborghini
do you stay up really late? 2010-03-22
its 12:00 right now in my time!
Guys who have been dunked by wife/girlfriend 2011-06-04
This poll is for guys who have been dunked in a dunk tank by their wife, fiancee or girlfriend.
Have YOU been gunged? 2015-07-10
Lets find out about your gunge experiences
What is your favorite car company? 2004-07-21
Pick your favorite car company!
cars 2007-01-09
all about cars
What do you do with your friends on weekends? 2007-11-27
what do you do with your friends on the weekends like...
what do u think of this hobbie 2007-12-04
my first poll
Trucks. You like 'em big, but what else? 2008-04-23 (closed)
The main purpose of this poll is to help me choose a style for a Ram 2500.
Favorite Store 2009-02-04
Just some stores to choose from
Which is better? 2009-12-25
Which is better?
Cask Logo 2012-03-26 (closed)
Please vote for a logo
Which Forum is full of more losers Cigar Snobs / Cigar Pass? 2006-01-06
i just wonder which cigar forum is home to the internets biggest group of pathetic losers, Cigar ...
Carl Jung - Myers Briggs Personality Typology 2009-10-11
This poll aims to find out the popularity of the Personality Test based on Carl Jung and Isabel M...
MARVEL AND DC! 2010-02-23
Chose who you think would win in a fight!
Multi Day Hiking Trip 2012-03-14
You and I are friends and we are going on a three day hiking trip with just the two of us, you de...
what to be gunged with 2014-11-17
For my next gunging i will let you decide what i am covered with.
For those who love fashion 2008-07-31
This poll was made to further research girls between the ages of 17-25 on how they interpret fash...
Choose Your Favourite 2010-09-07
Just pick the one you like more.
World Traveler? Where have you been? 2006-09-29
Do you consider yourslef a world traveler? Is traveling your passion or a hobby of yours? Tell us...
Self Defense Targets 2007-02-22
Besides the groin (no werdos please) what do you think are the best targets in self defense and ...
i youtube do you 2008-02-06
i youtube do you