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People / Relationships


First Dates and Dating 2002-06-19
Just a few questions about dating. Comments are welcome; put them on the message board.
Black Women: Into White Men? 2002-06-18
This is a questionairre to black women on how they feel about dating white men.
About Girls with a Guy's Perspective 2002-06-18
Just trying to find out what other guys think.
Friends? 2002-06-18
What do you think is most common between all your friends? Be surprised
Questions 2002-06-18
Com' On... Be a good sport!And BE HONEST!By Answering these few WEIRD QUESTIONS
Voting about choice of girl (For Guys) 2002-06-18
Voting for the right type of lady most guys would dream off..
What do you think 2002-06-18
Answer the poll question honestly and truthfully. Because it is funner that way.
What do you think about true love? 2002-06-18
Just wondering what people thought about true love.
Male "Turn Ons" 2002-06-18
This poll is being used to find information on a subject.
Women´s biceps 2002-06-17
What people think about women´s biceps size
White men and Black women 2002-06-13
To White men only. Do you favor dating/marrying/mating with black women of any ethnicity?
Which girl would you prefer? 2002-06-13
I'm going to give you a few choices, and tell me which one you'd be most interested in.
Guys and Girls 2002-06-10
What do guys really think is attractive in a girl?
Ladies: Pick Your Man! 2002-06-10
Women: pick exactly what type of guy you want.
Create Your Ideal Woman 2002-06-10
Men Only
Dating Age? 2002-06-10
how old should you be to go on a double date?
Stereotype 2002-06-06
what do you class yourself and other people as?
What Should Your Man Look Like? 2002-06-06
This is a poll for women, asking what they like in a man's appearance.
Your Perfect Guy 2002-06-06
Select how your perfect guy would look like.......
Step Familys 2002-06-06
This poll is for anyone who has a step-family. Mothers, Fathers, brothers, and sisters. I just wa...
equality for exposure 2002-06-03
There is so much nudity for men on TV/movies/cable, everywhere, shouldn't there be more nudity fo...
Feelings 2002-06-03
Poll of feelings :)
Uncomfortable Situations (swiming and road trip) 2002-06-03
If you were in these situations what would you do?? Please comment on Message Board responsibly
who pays on a date?(GUYS ONLY) 2002-06-03
imagine you're on a date with a woman...
Did your wife leave you for another man? 2002-06-03
Statistics seem to show that there is one in three chance that a man's wife will leave him for an...