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People / Relationships


Nudity 2002-04-22
What do you think?
what turns you on?!? 2002-04-22
c'mon it's just for fun!....so be like nike and just do it!
Why are African American Women so angry? 2002-04-22
I have answered many polls on interracial dating, I have also watched many talk shows on interrac...
Relationships and Age Difference 2002-04-18
Many people wonder 'how old is too old' or 'how young is too young'. This poll is designed to he...
Interracial Relationships 2002-04-17
Do you think interracial relationships are right or wrong?
Monicagate 2? 2002-04-15
Lately a rumor has been going around that George Bush has recently had an affair.
GUYS ONLY...which do you like? 2002-04-15
My friends and I have a competition going. Just answer which you like best.
Panties with pantyhose 2002-04-12
Girls, do you, or don't you wear underware with pantyhose
Can Ex's Be Friends? 2002-04-12
This has been a debate with friends for some time regarding the differnces in men & women. C...
How do you like to be kissed? 2002-04-09
C'mon - everyone is dying to find out! Help out the opposiste sex AND find out for yourself!
Is it okay for men to wear nightshirts?? 2002-04-09
I personally think that nightshirts are the most comfortable type of sleepwear, but I notice that...
What do you look for? 2002-04-08
This is a simple poll where I am trying to find out what factors one looks for in a Boy/Girlfrien...
men only: what would make you want to marry 2002-04-08
Just curious as to what makes a guy take the plunge, and what he's been waiting for. Any postings...
Gender identity - Fact or Fiction? 2002-04-06
While it may be simple to define gender by sexual anatomy (with one, rather obvious, exception), ...
interracial dating 2002-04-06
what do you think about interracial dating?
Interracial poll for white Males 2002-04-04
A poll for white males and their opinions on interracial relationships.
Teen/Parents Relationsip. 2002-04-03
This is a poll mainly for teenagers, but can be taken for anyone... Just wondering how close peop...
Love At First Sight? 2002-04-02
Do you believe in love at first sight / type?
Makeup Poll! 2002-04-02
If you had to get rid of all your makeup but one favorite item, what would it be?
Just for guys(on girls) 2002-04-01
This is just a poll to see how the male mind works...
Ladies: Which is the MOST important ? 2002-03-31
This poll is intended for women. Please pick the MOST important trait you look for in a possib...
All your favorites 2002-03-30
All your favorite things!
Just for us girls (on guys) 2002-03-30
This poll is to find out what we think of guys!
Baby or mommy 2002-03-29
This poll is to find out what people would choose to do in these difficult circumstances.
Cloths we wear? 2002-03-29
This to find out what intiment cloths we wear