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People / Relationships


stronger Siblings 2001-11-11
Do you have any siblings that are stronger than you and don't let you forget it?
Just For Blondes Poll 2001-11-11
This Poll is just for Blondes and those who are jealous of Blondes because they want to be just l...
Homosexuality 2001-11-11
a poll on the subject of homosexuality
Kissin' {XOXO} 2001-11-10
How wuz it is it and what did you think?
Is it difficult for you to apologize? 2001-11-09
Many people find it hard to apologize even if they know that what they did was wrong.
What girls want. 2001-11-08
hey girls what do you really want in a guy.
Dancing at clubs (for Ladies) 2001-11-02
This poll is for the Ladies who like to dance.
What women want..on a date that is. 2001-10-31
What do women want. That has been the question men have been looking to be answered for all of hi...
Motherless girls 2001-10-31
I'm 15 years old and my Dad has been raising me alone ever since my Mom left 4 years ago. I just ...
Soulmates? 2001-10-30
The word 'Soulmate' has become a popular term, but are they real?
What do girls see in guys 2001-10-27
Okay ladies
Teenage boys, what do you like 2001-10-27
This is to find out what is important to teenage boys.
Best Pick Up LInes 2001-10-27
Best Pick Up Lines
What do guys like in girls? 2001-10-26
Okay guys, her's a chance to tell girls what you find attractive and unattractive about them. Be ...
All about beauty 2001-10-26
Hey there....this is just a fun poll to find out what people thinks is beautiful. Have fun!
who wants a good guy 2001-10-24
This poll is designed to see if how many girls actually want a guy that would give them a great t...
Bodybuilders ... hot or not 2001-10-24
According to Playboy, 94% of women polled claimed that they found the bodybuilding physique "...
are bald guys sexy? 2001-10-23
are bald guys sexy?
Interracial Dating 2001-10-21
I am conducting a survey for a class I am taking. I would really appreciate you to fill out this...
Goatees 2001-10-16
What is your opinion on goatees?
Are Guys More Attracted To Women Who Smoke? 2001-10-12
I have heard many times that guys are more likely to approach women at bars and clubs who smoke.
Complete Poll About Friendship 2001-10-07
This poll is all about friendship
Ladie's skirt bottom brushing guys 2001-10-01
I have had a woman's skirt brush against my legs ever so often. I have wondered if it was intenti...
Do yOu BeLiEvE iN LoVe aT fiRsT siGhT? 2001-09-27
..CoULd iyT hApPeN?..
Lots of Hair, Some Hair, or No Hair? 2001-09-27
Girls, what do you like for on a guy? Guys, what do you like on yourself? Guys, what do you like ...