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People / Relationships


Your views on Siblings 2002-05-12
If you have any brothers or sisters you know they can make you go INSANE!! Let everyone know how ...
Physical Attraction 2002-05-11
ok lets see what guys and girls likes (check as many boxes that fits your prefrences)
Mother's Day Gift 2002-05-10
Mom's are easy to shop for... or are they?
Friends with an Ex 2002-05-10
The question invloves men and woman being friends with ex's. Assuming no kids are invloved, is i...
Poll for guys 2002-05-10
This is kind of a spin off from the poll Long Nails and Scratching.
Are you a good kisser? (And learn how to be one!) 2002-05-08
Does your girlfriend think youre hot at kissing or are you a slobbering loser. Does your boyfrien...
Poll for girls 2002-05-07
This poll is primarily for girls who have long nails or had long nails at some point.
Tattoos on females, attractive or not? 2002-05-04
Are tatoos on females attractive or not? Men, its time for you to decide!
Best Friends 2002-05-04
Asking if you and your best friend are true best friends!
Should a man shave his armpits? 2002-05-04
Do you think that a man should shave his armpits?
Beards 2002-05-03
For those who date men. Would you date a man with beard?
kissing 2002-05-02
Different things make a kiss more powerful.
Gays/lesbians and an awkward question 2002-05-02
How do you handle it when someone asks you if you have a girlfiend/boyfriend
Sexy Sleepwear 2002-05-02
Let's talk about what we sleep in!
Attitudes 2002-05-01
Most people would like to see themselves as openminded and accepting. How open to ideas are you r...
Long nails 2002-05-01
Some guys like girls with long nails, and some do not.
Lipstick 2002-04-30
I was wondering if guys liked kissing a girl who wears a lot of wet, glossy-looking lipstick.
Long Nails and Scratching 2002-04-30
I wanted to see how many guys like to have their back scratched by girls with long nails.
boys 2002-04-29
GUYS: How Do You Let A Girl Know You Fancy Her??? 2002-04-29
I know a lot of gals (including myself) have been pondering this question for years...
What To Say 2002-04-29
It is just asking what to say to a someone to tell them that you like them.
what r u looking for in a man? 2002-04-28
Who is the Perfect Guy? Is there such a thing? Well this is going to help find out what women thi...
A man with underarm odor. 2002-04-27
You have met the man of your dreams. He's what you were looking for in every way, except possibl...
Do you think Interracial Dating is wrong, or do you think its not a problem
TURN ON'S 2002-04-22
In the debate of sexuality, what and who is turned on by.