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People / Relationships


WhAt ArE YoUr TuRn-OfFs and TuRn-OnS? 2002-03-28
a list of top turn-offs and turn-ons
Guys Body Hair (Take this Poll Guys!) 2002-03-28
Ok, there has been a lot of guys that talk about body hair. I know that for a lot of guys this is...
For Women about Men 2002-03-27
General Feelings about Men while looking...
Boy or Girl? 2002-03-26
This is a poll to find out the preference people have for male or female children.
How many times have you been dumped by a guy?(Girls only) 2002-03-25
I want to know how many girls have been dumped my guys and how many times!
Teens wearing eyeglasses or contactlenses 2002-03-25
This is a poll where I wanna a little something about teens wearing eyeglasses or contactlenses.
** ABCD (Indian-Americans) ONLY ** Dating and Self-Image 2002-03-24
Examining dating trends and self-image issues among Indian Americans (born in the US). PLEASE PAS...
girls and guys 2002-03-21
Just stuff about love and sex.
Ladies:Would you cheat if hubby Let you? 2002-03-19
For ladies only: If your husband allowed you to sleep with another man, would you do it?
Would you- for someone 2002-03-15
What would you do 4 a friend
same sex marriages 2002-03-14
we are doing a debate in my college english class and i want to know if you think that same sex m...
for girls only 2002-03-13
do you think it's ok to date your friends brother?
Deadly Sword and Pistol Duelling 2002-03-08
I love the idea of deadly duels,in particular men fighting over women, and this poll is mainly ai...
Same Gender Partnership/Marriages 2002-03-04
Same Gender Partnership/Marriages
What beauty really is... 2002-03-04
What is it? Who is beautiful? Tick and see :))))))
Ex-Girlfriends/Boyfriends 2002-03-04
How do we really feel about our ex-partners. Answer the following questions HONESTLY to find out!
Interracial Relationships 2002-02-19
I'm writing a sociology paper on interracial relationships and I need some stats
i would like to know what your opinion is about interracial dating.
When was the first time.... 2002-02-14
Hey! I just have a few questions about first times.
What do girls prefer? 2002-02-01
This is a poll to see what girls like about guys... looks, attitude, etc. Please be honest.
Is race an issue when it comes to relationships 2002-02-01
I would like to know how people feel about race, and interracial dating.
What do you look for in a girlfriend or boyfriend? 2002-01-25
It's pretty simple, vote on the characteristic that you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Cheating...Would YOU or wouldn't you?? 2002-01-25
With all the Temptation Island hype I just wanted to find out if given the perfect setting with t...
Ladies, what di you think about...? 2002-01-21
Chubby or overweight men
the first move 2002-01-21
hi, do you think it matters about who makes the first move? or would you quake in your boots at t...