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People / Relationships


Dating After Divorce 2001-09-26
This poll attempts to find out what people's attitudes are to dating after divorce.
Househusband Duties ? 2001-09-26
Just how much housework should the male be responsible for in modern day marriage?
(females only) Guys Looks 2001-09-24
A poll to find out what is the best look for a guy
Which sport makes the female body look most attractive? 2001-09-24
Just a poll on which sport makes a female's body look best (if any)
The perfect woman 2001-09-22
What would the perfect lady have to look like?
What do u look 4 in a boy??!! 2001-09-21
wut do u look 4 in a boy?? his hair,smile? theres gotta b something that makes your heart melt wu...
How much times do you fall in love per year? 2001-09-21
Hey! Are you very shy or do you declare love at every girl you meet at the corner?
Men's Favorite Female Types 2001-09-20
Here's another poll related to "Men's Fantasy Women". Guys, choose your favorite from e...
FEMALES AND MALES POLL.Some people are attracted to some older some to someone younger.Vote here
POLL FOR MEN ONLY 2001-09-15
Questions on what men find attractive about women.
POLL FOR WOMEN ONLY!! 2001-09-15
Choose the best answer!!
Females and Males Poll.How far do you expect to go on a first date
This poll is for black women to give honest answers about their interracial dating habits. For ...
Women with glasses 2001-08-27
Women with glasses are sexy!!
Women's opinions on what makes a man attractive 2001-08-08
We all know certain men are more appealing to us than others. Let's try to pin down what makes a ...
Random Poll 2001-08-02
Answer the following questions below.
What do girls like in guys? 2001-07-29
Just wondering (:
for parents of teenagers 2001-07-18
How do you get along with and control your teenagers?
Girls: What do you like in men? 2001-06-16
Only for women! This poll is trying to find out what women like in men based on looks only.
Men's Fantasy Women 2001-06-05
Guys what type(s) of women are your biggest fantasies?
White women and interracial relationships 2001-05-26
Hello, my name is PHIL. As a result of a hugh number of responses of a previous poll called FOR B...
Compare male and female feet 2001-05-20
Compare feet
interacial relationship 2001-05-15
Whats you thought on interacial relationships?
Why are guys so Fine?? 2001-05-06
This lets you know why the guys all around you are realllly Fine!!!!
Relationship 2001-04-30
Out of all of these when should a girl dumb her boyfriend?