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People / Relationships


Cheating..Would you feel guilty? 2002-01-20
What wiould you do if the person you were interested in was already in a relationship?
Guys: What race of ladies do you like most 2002-01-20
Hey guys well what kind of race do you like most?
What Girls Want From Guys 2002-01-14
We Guys want to know once and for all. What do girls want from us?
Gay or straight 2002-01-07
This is a simple poll that I thought up over the x-mas break and I'm wondering how people would r...
Age aint nothing but a number*** 2002-01-06
Have you ever been in a situation where you're in love with someone but, your parents don't think...
What do guys like /disslike about girls 2002-01-06
This poll is for girls to see what men find interesting about them
Internet Dating - Entertainment or Serious Minded 2002-01-03
Trying to find out how many feel that searching for their match online is entertainment purpose o...
Self-Image 2002-01-03
How do you see yourself.
Gay Teens 2001-12-24
questions for gay teens
When are you old enough? 2001-12-22
when do you think people should be old enough for certain relationships?
What clothes should guys wear? (GIRLS ONLY) 2001-12-16
What clothes should guys wear? (GIRLS ONLY)
Boy/Girlfriends- What Is Their Most Important Feature? 2001-12-15
This poll is about partners. We want to know what you think is your boyfriend or girlfriends most...
Best Age - another "Fantasy" poll 2001-12-12
From the maker of the "Men's Fantasy Women" and "Women's Fantasy Men" polls, ...
Dumping your Boy/Girlfriend. 2001-12-10
This poll is all about relationships that for some reason, regardless of anyone's fault, just fai...
Couple Compatibility 2001-12-09
Things to look for when choosing a mate.
Describe your perfect guy! 2001-12-08
Okay ladies, here's where you let us know exactly what you're looking for in a date. The informat...
YOU make the CALL 2001-12-06
This is TomDaBombb's Poll Question of the Week.
The men's magazines I read always seem to poll airheads and bimbos. Well, I have a soft spot for ...
all guys,must vote! 2001-12-01
This is about the features of a girl.
what women love and hate about what men wear 2001-11-29
So here's you chance to state what you absolutely hate and love about what men wear.
Where Would You Have Sex? 2001-11-28
I would most like to have sex in a public place, How about you.
Makeup-Wut Guyz Like 2001-11-27
I kno this sounds weird, but it gives u an opinion on wut guyz like on girlz. Guyz, VOTE!!!
Makeup-What Girls Like 2001-11-26
This is a poll to see wut type of things teen girls like wit there make up n stuff.
What attracts you to someone? 2001-11-26
I am trying to find out why certain people are attracted to other people.
Do Your Friends and Family Give You Support? 2001-11-14
Your family and friends provide the texture for your environment. They can be a blessing or a bur...